Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Pines "Starving" Herds

Photo by Jeanne Nations,wild horse photographer in Nevada.

Click on title above to go to a page where you can see pics of the "starving" wild horses in White Pine County, Nv. This is one of the 11 herds that were zeroed out by the Ely District last summer. I dont know what, if anything, the rancher who owns the nearby ranchhad to do with their removal....but I wouldnt be one bit suprized, particularly if if he was trying to buy the land....the wild ones would have to go.

Note once you open the link at the bottom of the page there is a place where you can hit "next" and see some websites of some of Nevadas guest-dude-ranches, most of them bragging about being in wild horse country. Maybe that is why the BLM leaves a few stragglers after each round up, something to keep the ranchers happy for their "Wild Horse Adventure" enterprises. They all seem to exploit the fact that they are in the heart of wild horse county. Guess they will just have to look a little harder for the horsesnext time out with the guests,...searching for wild horses. If they dont see any, well, there are no guarantees in life, except that the ranchers gets his money and the guest had a real good time regardless, riding around the public lands on horseback, looking at all wide-open prairies with all them dam privately owned cows, feeling like a real buck-a-roo cow-bouy-ee. Ye'ha.

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