Monday, August 8, 2011

Exemptions to FOIA Laws

As some of you may know, a couple of years ago,..I did a FOIA request to the BLM to find out the whereabouts of over 600 wild horses removed from the Seaman, Whiteriver and Caliente ranges in Nevada in 2009. By way of response they provided me with over 500 pages of documents some stemming from 2007 of which I did not request, all confusing and incomplete, and none of which were of the type of documents or info I requested, though they did release contractors contracts but blacked out THE PRICING INFO which makes it impossible to tell just how many horses were gathered because they dont go by the number of HEAD of horses but by the AMOUNT OF MONEY paid to the contractors for each horse gathered. In other words, on paper, they dont count horses but DOLLAR AMOUNTS. Soooooo, not being happy at all with the defendants assessment that the amount paid to the contractor per each horse removed  is protected from disclosure.......and their failure to satisfactorily respond to my FOIA request , I am going to respond challenging them on that;