Friday, April 29, 2011

Ranchers v. Wild Horses (and Burros) - An Old Case in FAVOR of the Equines

Setting forth the FACT that unbranded equines roaming our public lands are WILD animals same as the grizzley bears in our National Parks system;
and also increasing burden of proof on ranchers who claim the wild equines are destroying their private lands or livlihoods.....

This is an excellent case in support of the WH&B's. It states that the ranchers cannot succeed on this type of a "private property taking" claim unless they can prove a deprivation of the "economically viable use" of their other words, they must show actual damage (costs) incurred to them or their businesses due SOLEY to the WH& is not enough to merely claim the WH&Bs are "interfering" with their private property use. Also, another VERY important finding in this case (and something that the BLM has NEVER wanted to admit) is that Congress (and the courts, according to this case) consider the unbranded equines roaming our public lands, be WILD animals "same as the grizzly bears that roam our National Parklands." (See Allaed, 444 US @ 66, 100 S. Ct.@ 327) Of course, this being a 1984 case,...will need to be updated (Shepardized) to make sure these findings havent been over-turned.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nevadas Animal Cruelty Bill Moves Forward

But will it pertain to wild horses (and burros) and require those kept in confinement be provided with adequate shelter? Oh, thats right, that provision is already on the books in Nevadas current laws; Animal Cruelty Bill Moves Forward
...for all the good that it does.

Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist Nails BLM Equine Vets

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Gary Larson Rules!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update: Ely FOIA Lawsuit: BLM Releases Previously Withheld Documents

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As some of you may know, I have been battling the Nevada BLM since late 2009 trying to find out what happened to 630 wild horses removed from the Seaman, White River, Golden Gate and Caliente Herds. I did a Freedom of Info request and they ...sent me over 700 "made up" documents that are impossible to decipher and didnt tell me anything. They also claimed that the gather contracts were exempt from disclosure do to "concerns" about "pricing" and the contractors Of course I challanged that determination and lo and behold I won!!! The BLM released the contractors documents to me just last week.....but what have I really "won" cause these documents also dont tell me nothin. The contract reads not for "so many horses" but only lists that the payment will be for "so much a head" and OF COURSE the total pricing info is blacked out, it is impossible to tell HOW MANY head without knowing the total amount paid to them! Of course I am going to dispute the withholding of the pricing info on just those grounds. *Please note: Although I only asked for 2009 records, as you can see by this doc, they provided me with docs from 2006 on. Am posting this one just as an example for they all are more or less the same. ..

See also;;jsessionid=BF3FE70B4E1261D2C871AAD103DBB7D2?objId=1151942&serverId=LM142201

Friday, April 15, 2011

Donkey, Pony Pals Need New Homes / NY

Johnsonville: An animal lover in eastern New York needs to re-home several rescued animals due to failing health. Paco is a 4-year-old standard size spotted donkey who is very gentle and loving. His pal Li’l Lightning is a 12-year-old pinto mini-horse. Both are intact stallions. They need to be adopted together in a home with no other equines. Six rabbits are also in need of good homes. They include four black and white rexes and two black lop-eared rabbits. For photos or more information, please contact Christine. See them here; Contact: Christine Phone: 518-753-7791 E-mail:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pinnacle West Capital Corp. Plans New Transmission Lines on Public Lands

APS plans new transmission line NW of Phoenix


Arizona Public Service Co., a subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corp., has filed an application to construct an above-ground electric transmission line on public lands between the cities of Buckeye and Peoria.

The federal Bureau of Land Management has started the public scoping period for an environmental impact statement to determine whether APS should be granted a right of way to construct, operate and maintain the proposed power system northwest of Phoenix.

The BLM will hear public comment on the proposal through May 26 and there are public meetings scheduled next month on the matter in Phoenix, Peoria and Wittman.

The 38-mile APS project would connect its Sun Valley Substation near Buckeye with the Morgan Substation near Peoria. It would cross about 10 1/2 miles of federal public lands in two separate locations.