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Nevadas Accused Wild Horse Killers Released w/ Out Bond

Nevada Men Plead Not Guilty in Mustang Deaths
April 27, 2010 by Tom Darby

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Two Nevada men accused of shooting and killing five free-roaming mustangs on federal land last year have entered not guilty pleas before a federal magistrate in Reno. Todd Davis and Joshua Keathley appeared in court as horse protection advocates looked on. The magistrate released them without bond.


Monday, April 26, 2010

New Dept. of Energy Study Downplays Importance of Global Warming

Of course, you have to consider the sources here, as having to do with agriculture and soil, and energy exploration. The study was done by the National Science Foundation, a government owned organization funded by US taxpayers.

National Sciene Foundation: What it is an who funds them;

...and we all know what the Dept of Energy is about, agriculture and energy exploration.

Heres the new "study" downplaying carbonization in soil as a contributing factor to global warming. Funny how all the doubt about global warming is being generated from the ranching, farming and energy camps...for they are the ones who stand to lose the most if "green-living" ever takes off on a larger scale.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

Native Americans Pray Congress for Permission to Slaughter Horses;
Northwest Tribes Join Prayer;

Tatanka Iyotaka

Re-Visiting the Enemy Camp

United Organizations of the Horse

Christine, (your allegations of "false flag" operations are) are hardly worth commenting on, I am noticing though that most of the AR posters are from the North East. That must mean that you are the ones getting missinformation fed to you. I feel bad that we have not done a better job of educating those from your area that believe that it's all a conspiracy. But I can assure you(not that you will believe me) that there is a huge unwanted horse issue in our Country. Not only abandoned ones but also, way more wild horses than the AUM's can support.
Who you should be mad at is the AR crowd that is purposely lieing and misleading people like you with propaganda like this. Total BS.

... See More
Dave Duquette
3 hours ago · Report

Christine A. Jubic
Sue, I spent most my life in the western and south-western states but just happened to have been born in NY, which is by the way, an agricultural state. We have lots of horsemen and women and breeders too, mostly of racehorses. The "unwanted" horse problem is a national and not NOT regional concern, so there really is no point in attempting to make an issue out of geographics. As to your allegations of so many "abandoned" horses,....everything I have to say about that is in the link below, if you care to know;

Besides, didnt you admit in a few public forums that it really was all about generating income?... See More

And I cant believe you guys are trying to make the public believe that slaughter is euthansia. Apparently, you dont even know the meaning of the word.
There is a failure to educate involved here alright but the failure is on US,...not you!
15 minutes ago ·

Christine A. Jubic
As for the wild horses (and burros) and the AUMs,.. there is not enough land for them because of all them dern welfare cows who outnumber the wild horses by approximatley 200 to 1 - EVENTHOUGH a Federal Statutory Law proscribes that the horses be principal users of their land (but of course, you must know that!) You also must know administration of... See More the Public Welfare Ranchers Grazing Program, while producing only 3% of our Nations beef, is costing taxpayers nearly $500 million dollars a year to administer! Think of the money we could save if we did away with the Public Lands Welfare Grazing system;
a few seconds ago ·

Sparks Considers Project in Face of Budget Shortfall

from Tom Darbys Blog;

April 25, 2010 by Tom Darby

The Sparks city council is poised to approve a $1.2 million plan for public improvements on Victorian Square. Under the proposal, the project would connect two one-way streets from the Century Cinema Fountain to Victorian Avenue. Meanwhile the city continues to struggle with a nearly $5 million budget deficit.

Projects over people…

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson Got $5.58 Million in 2009

Tax the Rich - Feed the Poor - Save the Wild Horses (and burros) It is only the right thing to do!

Posted: Apr 23, 2010 11:08 PM EDT Updated: Apr 23, 2010 11:30 PM EDT
Sheldon Adelson

VEGAS (AP) -- Billionaire Sheldon Adelson was paid $5.58 million in 2009 as the chairman and chief executive of casino-resort developer Las Vegas Sands Corp., according to an Associated Press analysis of a regulatory filing Friday.

Adelson's pay package last year included a $1 million salary and $2.73 million in perks -- including $2.45 million for security for Adelson and his immediate family. Adelson's pay compares with $1.28 million last year, but last year's executive compensation report did not include roughly $2.1 million for similar security.

Sands, which owns casino-resorts in Las Vegas and Macau and is close to opening a new property in Singapore, said the security costs for previous years were reported in a different section of its report.

Adelson's pay also included $24,625 in stock awards, $1.83 million in option awards, $163,812 for a car and driver and $100,000 for the reimbursement of professional fees. Adelson did not receive a performance-based cash bonus in 2009 or 2008, the element that made up most of his pay in 2007 and 2006.

Adelson, 76, along with his wife Miriam and their various family trusts, owned 52 percent of the company's outstanding stock as of April 12, the company said. Sands has 600 million outstanding shares. Shares of Las Vegas Sands doubled in 2009, from $7.09 Jan 2 to $14.94 on Dec. 31. Shares rose 69 cents to $25.12 on Friday, making Adelson and his family's stake worth roughly $8.6 billion.

The Associated Press formula is designed to isolate the value the company's board placed on the executive's total compensation package during the last fiscal year. It includes salary, bonus, performance-related bonuses, perks, above-market returns on deferred compensation and the estimated value of stock options and awards granted during the year. The calculations don't include changes in the present value of pension benefits, making the AP total different in most cases than the total reported by companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tired of the Same Old Same Old?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Feds 2 Give Nevada $5M for H20 Projects

Nevada is getting over $5 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for clean water projects throughout the state. The funding includes planned projects for the Yerington Paiute Tribe’s Campbell Ranch reservation, West Wendover and the southern Nevada town of Panaca.

Still pushing “shovel ready…”

Posted in Uncatagorized 1 Comment

Well isnt that nice that the feds are going to help the state with their water problems. Funny though, when the feds (BLM) needs access to water for the wild horses, they have to fight the state for the rights to that water. Mostimes they just dont bother though, and wild horses (and burros) die.

Nevada to Receive Federal Funds for Water Projects « TOM DARBY blogs about Nevada

Mestengo. Mustang. Misfit. America’s Disappearing Wild Horses

An older but interesting and informatiove read, worth a re-run here;

A Public Appoligy to Followers on Feed

For those of you following my feeds, I appoligize for the bombardment you must be experiencing in your inboxes from my editorial work of late. I have a terrible habit of making revisions to my posts on-line and I just realized that my backwards way of doing things is effecting other people in that they are geting a copy of everyone of my revisions and I aam soooooooooooo embarassed and sorry for the bombardment of emails you must be recieving as a result of my carelessness. (Actually, I didnt know anyone was follerin my feeds until I got mention of it the other day!) It is nice to know that at least some have signed up to recieve my feeds and OF COURSE I want you to keep following so I promice from here on in that I will start doing things right (for a change) and will stop or at least keep to a minimum any online revisions I feel I have to make.

Thanks for indulging me my indiscrepencies..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nevada Cries POOR MOUTH as Excuse 2 Can Wild Horses (and Burros)

I just dont understand how a state like Nevada could be so broke, with all the Sala-Czar Kazillion-Doller developments goin on. PLUS, I know from my own experience that even in the worst of times, the gamblin industry is one of the few industries that still thrives, even though there profit margins maybe down, they are still making Big Bucks, generally from the poorer folk who can least afford it the most. These are indeed desperate times, but not for the well-to-do or the filthy rich few, and that includes corporations, for they are "people" too. Honest, Im not kiddn ya, corporations are "artificial people." Dont u wish u culd b 1 of them 2? Then your co. and exe.'s are protected from being sued for all the bad things they do....Watch out though for the piercing of the corporate veil. Ouch! Hertz donut, Mr Corporation man, or woman, or persons, whatever the case may be. Yeah, Nevadas crying poor mouth alright, just like Wall St. and the Big Bank$Ters and the Hi-Financiers that make the machinery go; ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching. My o my but they love to hear those bells and buzzers and cash registers ring.

Bastardized Song to a Bitch of a Thing
"The Artificial Person Song"

Lyin', cheatin', hurtin, thas's all u seem 2 dew
Always the same, playin' your game
Driv'in' US insane, truble's gonna come 2 u

wona dez daze n it won't be long
Yu'll open up yer wallits n yer money'll
all b gone,...then whadda ya gonna do?
Hav Geithner n Bernanke ask Congress
2 prnt up sum'ore' 4 u
then write it off 2 US?

Ubet..... cha'

Yer Time is Gonna Come, Oh Yes It Will
1 of these days & it wont b long
You'll all be broke 2 en a singin dis song

Just lke the resta US
Yul b kry'in 2
Knot noin whre 2 go or
wat 2 due
n we wont feel sorri 4 u
Oh yeah....
Your time IS goin'ta come,
yes indeed,....

Dont believe Nevadas hype about being broke. Its all subterfuge. An excuse to slaughter horses for money,... particularly the wild kind.

Learn more about corporations and other greedy bastards here;

Leo starts HEIL Storm Over What is "Preserve" Wild Horses, & Nevada Uses His Trust Fund $$ to DICTATE BLMs Management Plan!

Below is a link to an on-line newpaper archive where you can read an article from 1984 about what became of the Leo Heil Trust Fund and there you will learn that the money was held up for years & years while state politicians invested it in their own special interests until the trust grew and grew and then they used that money to lobby their friends in Washington, DC to influence the way wild horses should be managed, and that is to "manage" them right off their land, much the same as they are doing today, and much the same way that they always will. In other words, Nevada used the Heil Will Money to Influence the BLM on Wild Horse Management Planning: Apparently, Nevada "Wrote the Book" on Wild Horse Managment FOR ALL of BLMs wild horses (and burros) roaming anywhere on BLM land! It was a National plan of extinction CONCEPTUALIZED by NEVADA upon their becoming trustees of the Leo Heil Will!
(Diverson of funds, conversion, UnJust Enrichment, BREACH of Fudiciary & Trust) Read the 1984 article in the link below;
Also with the Leo Heil Will Monies, the "Commission on Wild Horses & Burros" was formed to "preserve and protect" Nevadas Wild Equines and we all know how well they succeeded in that, is a recent article indicating that they "ran out of money" last June (Note that there was a $900,000 "base trust" that they were not supposed to touch so that the trust could go on in perpetuality existing off of the interest - what happened there? Ha.)
Formation of the Commission, Mission and Goals;

June 2010, The Commission "Goes Broke: Article;

Where did all the money go? After all, the BLM also had an annual budget supposed to go to the managment of our wild horses and burros, so again I ask, where did all the money go? Is Nevada using the Leo Heil Will Monies to manage them right off the lands? You betcha, and they need a lawsuit challanging the mismanagement of not only our wild equines but of the Leo Heil Trust Fund as well.

Here is a case where, in 1989, a couple of animal welfare orgs challenged Nevadas handling of the Trust Fund, which did at least establish one important thing,...that indeed an enduring "charitable trust" was created by the language of the will and that the California Surrogates Court is the proper court for any challanges to the managment of same .

California Courts of Appeal Reports
ESTATE OF HEIL, 210 Cal.App.3d 1503 (1989)Docket Nos. H003227, H002589.May 30, 1989.

American Horse Protection Association, Inc. and Nevada Federation of Animal Protection Organizations (hereafter collectively AHPA) sought to remove the State of Nevada as trustee of a testamentary trust allegedly created by the holographic will of a California resident. After Nevada successfully moved to quash service of summons in the trial court, AHPA filed a virtually identical action in the original probate proceeding. The probate court also granted Nevada's motion to quash. Both courts premised their rulings on a determination that the final decree of distribution did not create a charitable trust. We disagree. The language of the will and of the final decree of distribution created a trust over which the probate courts of this state have continuing jurisdiction. Accordingly, we reverse the judgment of dismissal in both actions.


Aint it funny though how Nevada fought so hard to keep their status as trusties of the money to preserve the horses but of course, all they wanted was control of the money and cared less and still dont care about the horses. Plus, as long as they controled the money they could actually tell BLM what to do, as far as what is the "acceptable" way to preserve them. I hate to think of it but I am thinking it is true, ...if not for the Leo Heil money, Nevada COULD NOT tell BLM what to do. I know Mr. Heil loved Nevadas wild horses. I read where he came to visit them all the time. It was his FAMILY that put that BS out that he didnt "particuarly" like horses,---of course, they were contesting the will. Poor Mr. Heil. He tried. His intentions were good.

"The Road to Ruin is PAVED with Good Intentions" .

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Rock Canyon Developments 1 Wild Equines 0

Happy Earth Day Mother


Annotations by MadAngry

In red for the blood of the equines spilled, and for those whos blood is about to be spilled, and for the RAGE I am feelin in my heart over the fact of another Wild Horse Warror Lost to the En-A-Me



Laura Leigh

In the $pirit of Comprolie$e'$

Equine Advocate Drop$ Law $

CHICAGO, (EWA) - Laura Leigh, artist, wild horse advocate and Subject Matter Expert for the Equine Welfare Alliance, in a gesture of support for the concept of cooperative dialogue dropped her lawsuit against Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) last week.
CASE DROPPED on CONCEPT? - So sad that you would have to give up something so important to the cause to effect a CONCEPT" (the idea) of cooperative dialogue," something that should come naturally to mature adults TRUelY working towards the same goals- which by the way should be in the BEST INTEREST OF THE HORSE not the people who want to own or exploit them AND TO JUST GET THEM OFF THEIR LAND. And all you get out of the deal is a "promice" of open communication & transparency? Geeze, dont you know this administration is INFAMOUS for those kind of lies? Did you get your "promice" in writing, or are you takin it on your "blind faith" in the BLM / USFWS?
"Conversations with both Gene Seidlitz of the BLM's Winnemucca district and Paul Steblein of Sheldon NWR lead me to the decision Of course, you made this decision all on your own, with no prodding or promting from your legal representative to "take the money and run." to show my support for the type of dialogue possible here Every advocate is thirsty for constructive dialogue with the enemy, but not at the expense of caving to them entirely and giving up "the good fight," know, the FIGHT FOR RIGHT and drop my legal action. You mean "the advocates" legal action, dont you? You know you were not in this fight alone. You had HUNDREDS of people supporting your efforts. Did you think for one minute to consult with any them to see how they feel before making such a rash decision, I mean those advocates and warriors outside your intimate circle of friends and associates? Of couse ewe had no obligation to consult w/ dem butt wood've ben da rite thin 2 do donach think I do however expect lots of luck with that expectation to have continued contact with both of these individuals as this process moves from theory to reality." With them (and you should know this) what you expect to get and what you actually get are not the same. The advocates and the Equines ALWAYS come out with the short end of the stick. R U sure U R not setting yer X-pect-tations 2 hi? I would have sought to have the case held in abeyance pending further ACTION or at least until sign of fruitition on/and/or of the plan,... (whatever that may be) could be acertained. Did you get anything
in writing to insure that the lines of communications will stay open and promices r kept ore r u relin' on their reputation 4 hon-s-t?
Leigh's attorney, Gordan Cowan of Reno Nevada said, "This was a 'feel good,'about gettin paid heartfelt (gag) issue that made me proud to have followed it through my ass you did! YOU CAVED! on a pro (Willie) bobo basis."
Followed it through all right, right up into the point where there was talk of $$$ to be made for your efforts. If ya' dunna' a'thunk ya' had a weener ya' woodna' tuk da case. Ya musta hadem' reeeel scared. Then again I am thinking, maybe $$$ wasent involved,..I could be wrong about that, cause I am thinking maybe instead of $$$$, maybe they gave you FIRST DIBBS on the wild horses so you canput them in your RODEOS;

Maybe you got alitte a both but o'couse we will never know. Betcha u tuk care o' dat and got the record sealed.
The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) California, Oregon and Nevada District Offices along with U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) are in the planning stages of creating a two million acre SALAZOO management complexES for wild horses in Southeast Oregon, Northeast California, Northwest Nevada and the Sheldon NWR located in Northeast Nevada and Oregon. On Indian Lands perhaps, where they cant wait for the slaughter to begin? I can hear the pounding of the hammers and the whirring of the drils and the general noise of construction already in my ears. I can hear the screams of the yet-to-be slaughered ones cryiig out to me in my dreams.
"In general I am very happy about this," Why wouldnt you be? U jus had a maj. Victory! said Paul Steblein, Complex Manager Sheldon-Hart Mountain NWR, "this is an opportunity to create Salazoo & Slaughterhouse constructION jobs that will generate income for generations to come ways to manage horses across the landscape."(far away from their homelands and out of YOUR hair, at last.)

The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act mandated the protection of these animals as a national heritage species.
So why then dont you petition your white house friends to have them declared National Treasures - then they WOULD ALL be protected - its not so very hard to do, again, if you have THE HEART

The act states in part: "It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; now THATS a about "worthless words" such protection can never be had what with all that STATUTORY NULLIFICATION going on and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands."
and NOT TO FORGET to be PRINCIPAL USERS of their lands.
Currently USFWS land, although under the jurisdiction of the Department of Interior as is BLM, is not mandated by the regulations in the 1971 act.
Left out of the Act by inadvertant omission of the authors of the bill and Congress, and, an omission you could have asked correction of in your FREEKIN STINKIN lawsuit or authored a proposal to Congress to amend & correct the Act, if only you had a mind.

"The advocates have a lot to offer this process

also in bed with the N-a-Me. Leigh stated "often there are accusations that advocates want to see horses 'just run free and destroy the range' that's not the case. Advocates actually offer a viable management strategy." Who gives a damn about accusations coming from the enemy camp? And the ONLY management strategy you shoud be considerin is how to get them back on their land. But NOOOOOOO u apparently think Salazoos "OK Corral Plan" is perfectly A-OK. wel may b u do butt
knot me
Steblein stated, "This is a time where we stop pointing fingers and figure out how to solve this." Stop pointing fingers? You mean like lettin 'YOU off the hook, as IF YOU aint guilty of nuttin, facilitating a corrupt regime and helping them with the extinction of our American Herds? What have you got to Figger out? There aint nuttin 2 figger, but if you must "figger" on sumtin, how about you figger a way to get the Act extended to all of Americas Wild Ones everywhere and a way for them to stay on their traditional lands and be principal users of same. The way it is SUPPOSED 2 b. The way CONGRESS intended it to be. But of course, that is THE LAST thing you want , so, looks like its up to the warriors to get the job done, and here is what they need : a good constitutional lawyer to charge the
durti bastas' IN THE statutory nullification way. .

Leigh said she couldn't agree more.

wish she would

As Cowboy Lawyer Settles Case, Will Wild Horses go to Rodeo?

Wild Horse Lawsuit settled "In $pirit of Compromi$e" my Spotted Ass! The lawyer is a Nevada Rancher - RODEO-TYPE guy, and I think I know what the settlement was all about; will Americas wild horses be turned into rodeo stock?

Too Bad for Laura,...po' thing, she was probably dooped into it under pressure/ ill-advice of her “pro bobo” attorney, Gordan Cowan of Reno Nevada. Lawyers are keen on quick settlements, but only "in the $pirit of getting paid."

No, I got no proof, but I know all too well how it goes. NOBODY ever drops a lawsuit w/out settlement (Ca-chink ca-chink ya think?) Money trumps justice almost every time, PARTICULARLY with lawyers, and I never met one I didnt not like…hav u?

Now to the B$ story;

CHICAGO (EWA) – Laura Leigh, artist, wild horse advocate and Subject Matter Expert for the Equine Welfare Alliance, in a gesture of support for the concept of cooperative dialogue, dropped her lawsuit against Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) last week.

“Conversations with both Gene Seidlitz of the BLM’s Winnemucca district and Paul Steblein of Sheldon NWR lead me to the decision to show my support for the type of dialogue possible here and drop my legal action. I do however expect to have continued contact with both of these individuals as this process moves from theory to reality.”

Leigh’s attorney, Gordan Cowan of Reno, Nevada, said, “This was a ‘feel good,’ heartfelt issue that made me proud to have followed it through on a pro bono basis.”

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) California, Oregon and Nevada District Offices, along with U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS), are in the planning stages of creating a two million acre management complex for wild horses in Southeast Oregon, Northeast California, Northwest Nevada and the Sheldon NWR located in Northeast Nevada and Oregon.

“In general I am very happy about this,” said Paul Steblein, Complex Manager Sheldon-Hart Mountain NWR. “This is an opportunity to create constructive ways to manage horses across the landscape.”

The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act mandated the protection of these animals as a national heritage species.

The act states in part: “It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death, and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands.”

Currently USFWS land, although under the jurisdiction of the Department of Interior as is BLM, is not mandated by the regulations in the 1971 act.

“The advocates have a lot to offer this process,” Leigh stated. “Often there are accusations that advocates want to see horses ‘just run free and destroy the range.’ That’s not the case. Advocates actually offer a viable management strategy.”

Steblein stated, “This is a time where we stop pointing fingers and figure out how to solve this.”

Leigh said she couldn’t agree more.

The Equine Welfare Alliance is a dues free, umbrella organization with over 100 member organizations and hundreds of individuals worldwide. The organization focuses its efforts on the welfare of all equines and the preservation of wild equids.


Laura Leigh


Vicki Tobin

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Native Americans Betray Sacred Trust, Team Up w/ USDA to Kill Horses

Click on link below for the latest update from the USDA on "Native Americans Beg Congress, USDA, to Let Them Slaughter Horses"

Northwestern States Wild Horse Roundup Circa 1939

Wild Horse Round-Up - 1939

Monday, Feb. 20, 1939

Tens of thousands of "mustangs" and "fuzztails" - the wild descendants of horses that, have strayed from ranches - used to roam the vast sagebrush ranges of the U. S. Northwest. In wilder days, wild horse roundups were carried on periodically for the Portland, Ore. firm of Schlesser Bros., then the world's biggest packers of horsemeat.

In five years (1925-30) the Schlessers slaughtered some 300,000 head of outlaws, salted their meat in 51 -gallon barrels, shipped most of it to Holland and Scandinavia. Hooves, ears, tails were sold for glue and oil; ground bones and scraps for chickenfeed ; hides for baseballs and shoes ; blood for fertilizer; casings for German sausage. Then the day of the wild horse began to wane, and the Schlessers turned to packing beef.

As winter last week finally settled over the "horse heaven" country of central Washington, the weather-wise Yakima Indians had already finished their first wild horse round-up of the year, thus reducing by 200 the estimated 2,500 outlaws still remaining in Oregon and Washington.

Whooping like their warrior ancestors, the Indians rode their own cayuses in hot pur suit of the outlaws, chased them out of deep canyons into trap corrals, where long fences led them into bottlenecks.

Cattlemen and the U. S. Government have two principal reasons for desiring a clean-up of the remaining wild horses: it will save the range for livestock, remove the menace of the dread dourine (genital) diseases often found in wild horses.

Click on title above for original article and a great equine related site;

Full Prosecution for Wild Horse Killers Please!

Click on title above for a new "Rally Congress" petition, for all the good it will do

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Wild About Wild Ones

A Yahoo Group founded in Y2000 with over 200 members,..for wild horse lovers, owners, trainers, rescuers, etc.
Click on title above to see

Nevadas Once Wild Horses / The Prison Training Program

A few years old but am posting for those who may have missed it first time around. Click on title above and Be sure to see all parts in the series

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tennesse Next 2 Get Horse Slaughter Despite Willi's Protests

Click on title above for story

WARNING: 1,000.000 Horses / Another Slaughterhouse Sue Pro-Slaughter Site Created 4 UOH Campaign

They call themselves horse "rescuers," but actually the "1,000.000 Horses" site is a creation of Sue Wallis's "United Organizations of the Horse" - a "horse-lovin" pro-slaughter org that is fighting to re-open horse-slaugher plants on a state-by-state basis, and are incorporating certain Native American Tribes to help them;

If you browse around the 1,000.000 Horses site long enough and check out all the links you will see it has all the hallmarks of the BS so typical of Slaughterhouse Sue and her Bloodthirsty Gang of "Horselovin" horsekillers. Some of the pages are taken right off of the main pages of the UOH;

This is only one of the many pro-slaughter sites recently created by Sue and her UOH that focuses on blaming the closing of the slaughter-houses in the USA for (an alleged) "increase in abuse and neglect cases" - and how really really stoopid is that? Dont they know we are sending more American Horses to slaughter than ever before? They talk about the "difficulty" of transporting their unwanted horses to the far away foreign facilities, claiming most people cant afford the fees necessary to truck their (beloved) unwanted horses to the plants. What they fail to mention is the fact that they dont have too! Anybody in the Equi-business knows there is no shortage of meat-market auction houses and/or killbuyers in every state who would be happy to BUY their (beloved) un-wanted horses from them and truck them to slaughter themselves, after all, it is the killbuyers business and they make regular runs. People who send their horses to slaughter do not take them there themselves, they GET PAID for their horse(s) and the killbuyers do the dirty work of transport for them. But of course, they know that! So who are they trying to fool? The Un-Informed American Public thats who. That is why we must meet them head on with rebuttals at every opportunity and on every front. I know it gets tiresome and we are ALL battle-weary but we simply must keep on keeping on,....dispelling the lies at every opportunity,.. if we are to ultimately win this war.

UOH also has a facebook site where they have a link to their (phoney baloney) 1,000.00 Horses "rescue" site;
(notice the "wall" at the end of their facebook hyperlink. Can you imagine what that stands for?" Duh,,...ah,...Hello Suzie Q, as in Suzie Bar-B-Q Yer Hoss... lol)

And just to let you all know, I have joined them on their facebook page, just to challenge them to some healthy debate. Do you think they will have me, or delete me right away?

This should be interesting, no? Feel free to join in the fray.

UPDATE: Well I wrote this on the wall of Sue Wallis's UOH Facebook site -

"...Greetings Fellow Equine Lovers & Horse Welfare Advocates! Anybody up for a little healthy debate on the issues?.." - (then I put a link to my "U.S. Against Horse Slaughter" blog) but guess what? It was poofed off of the wall in a second, so I figger they must have me blocked on the wall, but am wondering how come I was allowed to join at all? Nevertheless, I got my message through in the comments section and then again, in the "new discussion" place. Lets see how long that lasts or how long before they poof my membership all-together - hopefully, you can see my messages to them here;!/pages/United-Organizations-of-the-Horse/156599501900

What great fun it is to harrass the enemy with TRUTH on our side! ROFLMAO!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stampede to Oblivion Wins Regional Edward R. Murrow Award

I just received the great news about George Knapp. Congrats to George, Matt Adams and Ian Russell for this well deserved recognition.

Their region includes California, Hawaii and Nevada. It is now on to the national competition for the top industry award.

Let’s hope for another win for George!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Following Elys FOIA Request / Appeal

In a letter to me from the DOI (Darrell R. Strayhorn) dated March 24, 2010, I was informed that I would have to re-submit all relevant documents over again, as they are claiming that they didnt get them all the first time (huh?) anyways, they gave me 20 days to resubmit or "give up right to appeal," so you know, I jus gotta get this out, like now. Here is the packet of documents I am faxing over Ms. Strayhorn (as instructed) today;
April 6, 2010

Darrell R. Strayhorn
FOIA Appeals Officer
Dept. of the Interior
Office of the Solicitor
Division of Administration
1849 C St., NW - Mail Stop 6556
Washington, DC 20240
(Atten: FOIA Appeals Office)

Dear Ms. Strayhorn,

Persuant to your letter to me dated March 24, 2010, I am resubmitting all of the documents related to my FOIA Request and Appeal. This includes:

1. My initial FOIA Request to the DOI dated October 22, 2009 seeking the idenity and whereabouts of all the approximately 600+ wild horses gathered from the Seaman, White River and Caliente Herds during the Ely Nevada Districts 2009 gather season.

2. Response from the Ely District Office dated Nov. 16, 2009 informing me they have none of the records I have requested, and informing me that my request was forwarded to the Ridgecrest Facility in California.

3. Response from Ridgecrest Holding Facility, Ridgecrest California, dated Nov. 6, 2009, including
(a) document 1 entitled “White River Horses Prepped as of Nov. 3, 2009” showing that a total of only 15 horses (yearlings) have been processed as of that date.
(b) document 2 entitled “Number of Horses Gathered in the Caliente, Golden Gate, Seaman and White River Range.” Said document indicating that their were a total of 689 horses gathered from these areas.689 minus 15 equals SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY wild horses unaccounted for!

4. A copy of my appeal dated Nov. 23, 2009

I am appealling on the grounds that no information was provided as to the current whereabouts of all 689 horses, including that of the 15 yearlings reported to have been processed at Ridgecrest Facility prior to and/or after Nov. 6, 2009.

Thanking you in advance for any consideration you may give this matter. I anxiously await your reply.

Yours, etc.,

Christine A. Jubic
118 River Rd.
Johnsonville, NY 12094
(518) 753 - 7791

Click on the docs to enlarge once and then click to make even larger;

Next I get a reply from the Ely District Office, dated Nov. 16, 2009, informing me that they didnt have ANY records of the Seaman, White River Gathers and informed me that they have forwarded my request to Ridgecreat Holding Facility n California.

The Ely response was short and sweet, and said, "Researching your recent Freedom of Information Act request, it was determined that we do not have the information you requested. Your request has been referred to:

Arthur A. DiGrazia, Jr.
Wild Horse & Burro Operations Manager
Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse & Burro Corrals
300 S. Richmond Rd.
Ridgecrest, Ca. 93555

Signed: Ditha Hutchinson,
FOIA Coordinator
Ely District Office, BLM


Next I get a letter from Hector Villalobos, Field Manager at the Ridgecrest Facility, dated November 6, 2010 (Hummm, I have to ask myself,...if Ely forwarded my request to Ridgecrest on Nov. 16, did Ridgecrest come to respond to my request on Nov. 6? Hummm. Anyways, here is Mr. Ridgecrests reply;

Nov. 6, 2009
Ridgecrest Field Office
300 S. Richmond Rd
Ridgecrest, Ca. 93555

In Reply Refer to: 1278 (CAD-050) 1

Dear Mrs. Jubic,

This letter concerns your FOIA request to the Secretary of the Interior and the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, for records concerning wild horses and burros removed from the Golden Gate / Seaman, White River and Caliente Herds. You have requested the names and locations of the holding facilities where the animals are and whether they are owned by the BLM or leased under private contracts. You also requested brand numbers, discriptions, and photographs or any other identifying information. Your FOIA request was formally referred to this office to prepare an official response.

The short-term holding facility here at Ridgecrest is owned by the Bureau of Land Management. To my knowledge, all wild horses gathered in the BLM -Ely District (Caliente, Golden Gate / Seaman and White River Herds) during the 2009 season were transported to this facility and no other. Our facility has processes 15 White River horses to date.

We are enclosing copies of the only records we found that are responsive to your FOIA request. If you believe our response is a partial denail of your request, in accordance with 43 CFR 2.28(a)(2), you may appeal this response by writing to the FOIA Appeals Officer, Office of Information Resources Management (OIRM), US Dept. of the Interior, 1849 C St. NW, MS 6556, MIB, Washington, DC 20240. Your appeal must be in writing and recieved no later than 30 workdays after the date of this letter. A copy of your original request and this denail letter should accompany the appeal as well as a brief statement of the reasons why you believe this initial decision to be in error. The appeal should be marked FREEDOM OF INFORMATION APPEAL both on the envelope and the face of the letter.


Hector Villalobos, Field Manager,
BLM Ridgecrest Facility


Here are the two "generic" documents Mr. Villalobos sent to me in response to my request seeking information on over 600 horses gathered;

Doc 1 is a generic list of 15 numbers printed on blank paper;
The numbers run in sequence from 09182713 to 09182727 and all of the numbers start with '09 and I am informed by some wild horse watchers that these numbers indicate yearling horses born in the year 2009. In the colum to the right of this is a series of letters and numbers that are:


I have NO idea what these letters and numbers mean.

Doc 2 is a generic list of the numbers of horses allegedly gathered out of their respective areas;

and reads as such;

Caliente Herd Areas-----------------------# Gathered

Blue Nose Peak................11
Clover Creek..................58
Delamar Mts...................77
Little Mtn....................99
Meadow Valley Mts.............17
Miller Flat...................28
Mormon Mts.....................0
Total 310

Golden Gate, Seaman & White River.........# Gathered

Golden Gate and Seaman..............197
White River.........................182
Total 379

My appeal, originally submitted on Nov. 23, 2009, herein being resubmitted this 5th day of April, 2010;

Department of the Interior / FOIA Officer
1849 C St. N.W. MS-6556, MIB
Washington, DC 20240


# OS-2010-00066

Ely District BLM # NV-NVL 0000-2010-001

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to appeal a denial of my request to be provided with information concerning the number and location of all the wild horses and burros rounded up in 2009 from the Golden Gate, Seaman, White River and Caliente Herds, which by the numbers estimated in the respective EAs was said to total over 600 head of horses.

As indicated in my original request (attached) ....”The information I am seeking to obtain includes the names and locations of all the long and short-term holding facilities where these particular herd-members are being kept, whether said facilities are owned by the BLM or leased under private contract. I would also like to be provided with all of the individual herd-members brand numbers along with individual discriptions or photographs or any other information that would identify the individual horses removed from the above listed rangelands."

In response to my request, Ditha Hutchinson, FOIA Coordinator for the Ely District Office of the BLM, informed me by letter that they “do not have the information” I requested,” and forwarded my request to Arthur A. DiGrazia, Jr. , Wild Horse and Burro Operations Manager, Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse and Burro Corrals, 300 S. Richmond Rd, Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (See Ely District Letter dated Nov. 16, 2009, attached)

On or about November 16, 2009, I did receive a letter from Hector Villalobos, Field Manager at the Ridgecrest Short Term Holding Facility in Ridgecrest California, who informed me that “to his knowledge” all wild horses gathered in the BLM Ely District during the 2009 season were transported to the Ridgecrest Facility and “no other.” However, he did not provide me with any documents that would validate that any transfer of animals had occurred between the Ely District and the Ridgecrest facility, no trucking record or receipts or bills of ladel, etc. (See Villalobos Letter dated Nov. 16, 2009, attached)

Included in Mr. Villalobos response was two documents, both "generic" cut-out portions of something else (retracted), one is a generic partial post-gather report which is not even printed on offical letter-head of any kind nor does it have anything printed upon it that would substantiate its date, author or place of orgin. In this "report," it is indicated only that a total of 689 horses were gathered from these complexes. There is nothing in this report to indicate what became of them after gather. (See partial post-gather report attached)

Mr. Villalobos then goes on to admit that the Ridgecrest Facility has processed only 15 wild horses from Ely District, which he states were gathered from the White River Complex. As proof of the processing of these 15 horses, Mr Villalobos submits a second “generic” document with a series of 15 numbers on it indicating the freeze-mark and signalment numbers of 15 horses. As mentioned above regarding the post-gather report document, this document is also a "generic" cut and paste rendition of numbers printed upon plain paper with no official letter-head of any kind nor anything printed upon it that would substantiate its date, author or orgin, or the current whereabouts of the 15 horses. (See “Prepped” Sheet attached)

I am appealing the response of the Ely District as a blanket denial and the response of Mr. Villalobos as a partial denial of my request and do so on the following grounds;

1. I was seeking information on the identification and whereabouts of over 600 wild horses gathered from these complexes and received only generic information regarding 15 horses allegedly gathered from the White River Complex and processed at Ridgecrest. The documents, devoid of any verifiable information, are insuffient as proof of gather, transfer or receipt and current whereabouts as same is not even on official letterhead so as to be able to acertain in fact which office had generated them or when or by whom. The documents are also unsigned or un-verified by any signature of their author.

2. The response does not fulfill any portion of my request seeking information on the whereabouts of ALL the wild horses gathered from these various complexes, including the 15 alleged to have been processed at Ridgecrest. The reply from the Ely District stating that they have no records whatsoever in regards to the “disposition” of these horses is incredible, and Mr. Villalobos' off-hand, "un-official" statement that “to his knowledge” the horses were transfered to the Ridgecrest Facility is an insufficent reply to a request for documentary proof as to the whereabouts of these horses allegedly gathered from the Ely District and allegedly transferred to Ridgecrest Short-term Holding Facility. Moreover, the "processing" records of the 15 horses allegedly taken from the White River HMA and allegedly transferred to Ridgecrest do not state where these horses were actually taken from nor does it state that these horses are being held at Ridgecrest. What I received was a series of numbers printed on a plain piece of paper devoid of any "officiality" with only the words "processed" stamped across the top. NO OTHER information at all appears on this document, not even any sort of offical or departmental letter-head or identification of any kind. There are no dates or signatures. This document tells me nothing.

I am appealing in hopes that I will be provided OFFICAL dated and signed departmental documents as kept in the normal course of business regarding the whereabouts of the 689 horses allegedly gathered from the Ely District BLM in 2009 and un-accounted for thus far. The information and documents provided in reply to my FOIA request are woefully insufficient as proof of the "chain of custody" or whereabouts and /or fate of these horses, and it is sufficient proof of same that I am seeking to obtain.

Thanking you in advance for any consideration you may give this matter. I anxiously await your reply.

Yours, etc.,


Christine A. Jubic


"Open Gov't Week" Arrives

April 4, 2010 — 11:17pm ET | By David Perera

Agency open government plans will be unveiled this week.

In a Dec 8, 2009 memo, Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag directed agencies to prepare and post online, by April 7, plans on how they will be more transparent, open to public participation and collaborative with other official and non-official entities, as well as the public. It also requires agencies to identify at least one "flagship initiative" and includes an exhortation to
respond to public feedback on a regular basis.

Already many agencies have created "open government" websites, findable by adding "/open" to the end of their .gov URL.

The Agriculture Department already has posted an online draft of its report, which proposes two flagship initiatives. It will enhance the collaborative development of the New Forest Planning Rule by expanding "the use of the latest technologies and build[ing] on the collaborative rules already in place," the report states.

It also highlights an multi-phased online contest called Innovations for Health. Future contests will include a challenge to produce a motivating public service announcement and creating healthful recipes for use in schools.

Other transparency efforts due to be unveiled this week include an OMB ban on cookies on federal websites, online rule-making guidelines and new guidance for agencies to report details on subawards to, Nextgov reports. OMB Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra recently came under criticism from Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) for failing to make that data available.

For more:
- check out the draft USDA open government plan (.pdf)
- read the OMB's open government directive
- see this Nextgov story

Related Articles:
Court: DCMA wanted to be too open with FOIA
Coburn: Federal transparency efforts fall short
Federal CIOs aren't sure Obama administration IT goals add value not living up to expectations

Read more:

Click on title above for gov't full pdf report

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Coyote Crossing / Nevada Blog

Click on title above to see a new blog about whats going on in Nevada, by Chris Clarke

Welfare Ranchers Cut New Road, Fenceline, on Nat'l Forest Lands

Here is a case that occurred in Utah back in 09. I have written to the reporter asking for an update - (update received 4/5/2010, and it appears at the bottom of this article)

There should be no private grazing on any of our public lands!


Investigation under way after ranchers build fence in national forest
October 20th, 2009 @ 10:30pm

By John Hollenhorst

NORTHERN UTAH -- Three ranchers in northern Utah are in deep trouble for building a fence and cutting a swath, as much as 65 feet wide in some parts, through a National Forest.

The U.S. Forest Service has already punished the ranchers by taking away half their grazing privileges. Now, a law enforcement investigation is underway.

The fence runs three and a half miles through the national forest west of Bear Lake.

"I think it's egregious, and something went wrong," says Kirk Robinson, with the Western Wildlife Conservancy.

It's a so-called "laydown" fence, designed so cowboys can tip the barbed wire down and lay it flat each winter to protect it from snow damage.

"It's a lot of labor for us," says Round Valley rancher Stuart Wamsley, adding that he would have preferred not to build the fence.

Wamsley says he and two partners were pushed to do it by the Forest Service. The fence divides their grazing permit area, so cattle will use alternating pastures each grazing season, giving vegetation a chance to recover.

"It was at their insistence that we went ahead and put this fence in," Wamsley says.

But the Forest Service says it bulldozed an excessive swath. Environmental and wildlife groups are outraged. They say the cut averages 40 to 65 feet wide.

"My concern is soil erosion and the time it will take to recover, which I believe will be a long time. There were a lot of mature trees in here," Robinson says.

Wamsley says they took out mostly brush and small trees. They flattened a space to lay down the fence, with extra width for ranch vehicles to maintain it.

"We did everything in our power to avoid those big, pretty, mature trees," Wamsley says.

One issue is why they didn't follow an existing fence line cut in the 1960s. They say the Caterpillar got into that area and almost got stuck in the soft ground, so they decided to angle the new fence a little bit more to the north.

The ranchers departed from the route approved by the Forest Service. Getting a new route approved, they say, would have taken months of biological and archaeological reviews. Wamsley says they pushed on without specific approval because they didn't want to go through the process.

"It's just completely ridiculous, the process they have," Wamsley says.

Regardless of the route, the Forest Service and critics say the swath cutting went way too far.

"ATV use will be invited by this. Essentially, that amounts to a new road, even though it wasn't intended as one, and it will exacerbate the problem," Robinson says.

KSL News isn't sure if the law enforcement investigation is leading to possible criminal charges, but Wamsley told us the Forest Service told him he's in deep trouble.

Click on title above for original story w/ vid;

UPDATE: 3/4/10

The Forest Service took no further action. As the original story said, the ranchers were punished by having their grazing privileges sharply cut. I believe they also paid a modest fine.

Best regards,

John Hollenhorst
Senior Correspondent
55 North 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84180
W: 801-575-5522 C: 801-554-2323

Military "Scrapping" Our Deserts

Click on title above to see a NEW way our gov is wasting the west (our public lands)

WARNING: Explicit Language

"Nevadas History" Schoolbooks Paid 4 by Mining Interest -

Books trashed for grammarical error and prejudical presentation of races;
Click on title above for original article;

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New Email Addy & an Old Song

Well I have had to reformat my new computer already but that is probably my own dern fault. I let my Norton expire and it wasent but a few days after that until I began to get bombarded with all kinds of (low to mediuum) risk virus's, email worms, spy and other malware, so maybe it is time for a check up on your own machines if you have had trouble with your own email accounts. Just a warning to beware that these things are always floating around.... so be sure to keep your protection updated. Dont be a dunce like me! I should be out doin chores today (and a BEAUTIFUL day it is, at last!) but here I am because of my own negligence having to spend what is turning out to be the entire day messing around indoors with MACHINES.

Here is my new email addy, and it is the only one I have for now, until I can figger our how to connect all my accounts, so if you want to send me something, email me at:


Otherwise, if it is something that just cant wait, contact me (Chris) directly (518) 753 - 7791 anytime day or not. I have a MACHINE I check frequently.

Speaking of "Machines," I came across a video the other day with a song on it that bought be immediately back to the 1960's and has to do with MACHINES and I thought eventhough the song is what, 40 years old already, appropriate it is still for today.

The song is done by a little known group that put out only a couplea' albums, but they were very popular. Lothar and the Hand People were particularly innovative even in their own time because they were the first R n' R band ever to use a moog-synthisizer.

If you are interested in old rock and roll, click on the title above to give a listen (and a look) The visuals are as interesting as the music.

Music, Truth, Beauty & Art
Thats all we really have that no one can take away

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Calico Horses Sick at Fallon Facility

A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Tue 30 Mar 2010
Source: The, Equine Advocacy Examiner [edited]

Infectious disease now confirmed among captive Calico mustangs
Writing in her 'Art and Horses' blog today [30 Mar 2010], artist,
videographer, author, and wild horse activist Laura Leigh reports that
a highly contagious disease known as "pigeon fever," which can cause
lameness, fever, lethargy, and deep abscesses, is running through the
captive wild horse population at the "Broken Arrow" feedlot near
Fallon, Nevada. The BLM's [Bureau of Land Management] weeklong failure
to issue daily updates on the condition of the horses now begins to
make a lot of sense.

Alarmingly, the BLM is making no effort whatsoever to isolate sick
horses to prevent the spread of the disease, virtually ensuring that
many more horses will contract it.

According to Ms. Leigh: "When asked if the cases were confined to the
horses gathered from a specific area and isolated in the pens sorted
by area gathered, he (BLM facility manager John Neill) replied, 'No,
we've been moving horses around.'"

The BLM's cavalier approach to a potentially serious situation is not
only unconscionable, it defies good veterinary practice. According to
Dr Andrea Torres, a veterinarian and microbiology resident who
conducted a study of pigeon fever in Colorado in 2000-2001:

"Because this disease is so highly contagious, it is very important
that veterinarians accurately diagnose these cases to tailor treatment
and control. Infected horses should be isolated, the abscesses
properly treated, and the drainage properly disposed of. The area
where the infected horse is kept must be properly cleaned and
completely disinfected because this is a very hardy bacterium. Pest
control is extremely important."

In light of the fact that the 1800+ horses being held at the Fallon
facility are already under tremendous stress as a result of being
stampeded from their homes, fed forage to which they were
unaccustomed, and subsequently run through squeeze chutes for
vaccinations, worming, and freeze-branding, their immune systems have
been severely compromised. Without extreme vigilance and proper care
and containment, many more of the Calico horses will be stricken by
pigeon fever. There is no excuse for that.

[Byline: Maureen Harmonay]

Communicated by:

[Pigeon fever has many names, but ultimately it affects horses not
birds. Borrowing from this moderator's comment in ProMED-mail posting
Pigeon fever, equine - USA (OR) 20071018.3408 (see reference for full

Pigeon fever, pigeon breast, breastbone fever, dryland distemper,
dryland strangles, false strangles, or false distemper are the names
that this disease -- caused by the bacterium _Corynebacterium
pseudotuberculosis_ -- are most frequently known by. Geographically,
it was at one time considered to be a disease of California, where it
is regarded as endemic. However, it is much more widespread now,
especially in the western states of the US, but it has a worldwide
distribution. It is a seasonal disease, usually appearing in late fall
but can appear sporadically at any time of year.

The signs of pigeon fever can also initially resemble those of other
diseases such as strangles. Sometimes the only initial signs are
lameness and a reluctance to move. It can strike a horse of any age,
sex, or breed, but usually attacks young adult animals. There is a low
incidence in foals.

It has also been diagnosed in cattle, and a similar disease affects
sheep and goats. The disease is not transmissible to humans, although
humans can carry the infectious agent on shoes, clothing, hands, or
barn tools and transfer it to another animal.

Clinical signs include lameness, fever, lethargy, and weight loss and
usually is accompanied by very deep abscesses and multiple sores along
the chest, midline, and groin area and, sometimes, the back. Abscesses
can also develop internally.

The disease is called pigeon fever because infected animals often
develop abscesses in their pectoral muscles, which swell and resemble
a pigeon's chest. Although the disease is considered seasonal, with
most cases occurring in early fall, a number of cases have been
confirmed during winter months and other times of the year.

The causative bacteria live in the soil and can enter the animal's
body through wounds, broken skin, or through mucous membranes.
Additionally, some researchers believe pigeon fever may be transmitted
by flies.

Of the types of disease (external abscesses, internal abscesses, or
limb infection [ulcerative lymphangitis]), the ulcerative lymphangitis
is the most common form worldwide and rarely involves more than one
leg at a time. Usually, multiple small, draining sores develop above
the fetlock.

The most common form of the disease in the United States is external
abscessation, which often forms deep in the muscles and can be very
large. Usually, it appears in the pectoral region, the ventral
abdomen, and the groin area. After spontaneous rupture, or lancing,
the wound will exude liquid, light tan-colored, malodorous pus.

Internal abscesses can occur and are very difficult to treat. The most
common forms are external abscess and lymphangitis, with the prognosis
of a full recovery being generally good. - Mod.TG]

A photo of Calico horses can be seen at

Fallon, Nevada can be located via the HealthMap/ProMED-mail
interactive map of the US at
. - Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ]

[see also:
Corynebacterium, equine - USA: (CO) 20090819.2934
Pigeon fever, equine - USA (OR) 20071018.3408
Corynebacterium, equine - USA (Kentucky) (02) 20030112.0104
Corynebacterium, equine - USA (Kentucky) 20030111.0096
Corynebacterium, equine - USA (Colorado) 20030110.0085
Corynebacterium, equine - USA (Wyoming) 20021125.5895]
ProMED-mail makes every effort to verify the reports that
are posted, but the accuracy and completeness of the
information, and of any statements or opinions based
thereon, are not guaranteed. The reader assumes all risks in
using information posted or archived by ProMED-mail. ISID
and its associated service providers shall not be held
responsible for errors or omissions or held liable for any
damages incurred as a result of use or reliance upon posted
or archived material.
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human being send mail to:


A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Tue 30 Mar 2010
Source: UPI (United Press International) [edited]

US Geological Survey scientists say brucellosis, a bacterial infection
of cattle, elk, and bison, appears to be increasing in northwestern
Wyoming elk herds.

"Elk-to-elk transmission of this disease may be increasing in new
regions of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem [GYE], which remains the
last reservoir for brucellosis in the United States," said Paul Cross,
a USGS disease ecologist and lead author of the study. He said
infected animals often abort pregnancies, and the presence of the
disease within livestock results in additional testing requirements
and trade restrictions.

Officials said several cattle herds have been infected in Wyoming,
Idaho, and Montana since 2004 and recent cases of brucellosis cattle
are thought to have spread from elk due to the lack of contact between
bison and cattle.

"We looked at a number of hypotheses for why we may be observing these
increases in brucellosis," Cross said. "2 seemed the most probable:
either brucellosis transmission among elk is becoming more frequent as
elk densities increase, or the diagnostic tests are cross-reacting
with another pathogen that is increasing in prevalence."

The research, conducted at the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science
Center, was recently published in the journal Ecological Applications.

Communicated by:

Brucellosis occurs in free-ranging elk (_Cervus canadensis_) and bison
(_Bison bison_) in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which includes
portions of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

General comments about brucellosis in cattle may be found in the
moderator's comments of ProMED-mail posts 20091215.4249 and

Several suggestions on eradicating brucellosis in the Greater
Yellowstone Ecosystem have been discussed but have not been
implemented. Partly, the lack of implementation is the lack of
knowledge on the effectiveness of the methods.

The GYE remains a challenge in disease control. Part of the reason for
the challenge is that feeding grounds in the winter draw a remarkable
number of tourists, and hence a boost to the economy. This is a
national park area and there has been great negative public outcry on
the destruction of public property (the elk) called for in some of the

The bison may have the disease as well, and again great negative
outcry from the public can be heard regarding some of the proposals.
One other issue is the genetics in the bison herd of the GYE, some of
the 'original' bison herds of the foundation of the USA.

Control/eradication of this disease in the GYE remains a challenge. - Mod.TG]

A map of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem can be seen at
Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana can be located on the
HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of the US at
. - Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ]

[see also:
Brucellosis, cervid - USA: (WY) corr. 20100212.0501
Brucellosis, cervid - USA: (WY) 20100211.0480
Brucellosis, cervids - USA (02): (WY) 20090220.0718
Brucellosis, cervids - USA: (MT) 20090117.019]
ProMED-mail makes every effort to verify the reports that
are posted, but the accuracy and completeness of the
information, and of any statements or opinions based
thereon, are not guaranteed. The reader assumes all risks in
using information posted or archived by ProMED-mail. ISID
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damages incurred as a result of use or reliance upon posted
or archived material.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Wish They Would........


Click on title above for Big & Rich music vid

Regulator seeks to rein in energy market trading by big Wall Street firms

Big financial firms have for years had virtually unlimited access to energy and other commodity markets.

By David Cho
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, April 1, 2010

The nation's commodities regulator is proposing to limit the vast amounts of oil, natural gas and other vital goods the world's biggest investment firms can buy and sell, seeking to eliminate the unfettered access these companies have had to energy markets for 20 years.

The rule would also force this highly lucrative trading into daylight, requiring for the first time that the public be told which companies have special permission to trade commodities with virtually no constraints.

By reversing course, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, under its activist chairman, Gary Gensler, is trying to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a few large businesses. For example, a single firm, the United States Oil Fund, was able to gain the rights to nearly one-fourth of all the publicly traded crude oil scheduled for delivery during one month last spring, the fund's head said in an interview.

Advocates of the commission's proposal have said the influx of Wall Street money has led to violent price swings. In 2008, the price of a barrel of crude oil leapt to a record of more than $147 and within months crashed to below $34. This volatility not only disrupts household budgets but also makes it hard for food manufacturers, airlines and other companies to get the goods they need when they need them, the advocates said.

Traditionally, commercial companies were the main players on the commodities markets, buying contracts for oil, for example, that guaranteed future delivery on a specific date for a locked-in price. But Wall Street banks eventually discovered that they could trade these contracts like financial securities and make money without ever taking delivery of the goods. Before long, the banks won exemptions from federal trading restrictions and were able to speculate on unlimited amounts.

If a majority of the five-member panel approve the commission's latest proposal, the rule would dramatically scale back the exemptions given to firms such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. Although the government keeps the identities of the firms private, financial analysts have figured out some of them.

Separately, the Senate is considering a broad overhaul of the financial oversight system that in part would regulate for the first time the trading of commodities contracts in private transactions, which occur away from the established exchanges and are known as "over the counter." The legislation would force nearly all of the trading onto public exchanges, undercutting the financial advantage firms get from their ability to keep the prices they pay secret.

This shadow world of private deals exists beyond the purview of regulators, and federal officials estimate that the value of these deals is many times that of transactions conducted on open exchanges. If big financial firms win the right to continue trading huge amounts of oil, natural gas and other goods in private deals, they would simply move their business off the exchanges and maintain their dominance, some commission officials warn.

No company has benefited more than Goldman Sachs, market analysts say. During the financial crisis, when most of the firm's other business activities were suffering, commodities trading produced "particularly strong results," according to its annual report. Goldman does not disclose how much it earned from these trades. But along with its bonds and currency divisions, commodities activities generated about half of its net revenue of $45 billion in 2009, Goldman reported.

Financial analysts estimated that these activities in typical years account for about a tenth of the firm's revenue. The analysts added that the commodities division is one of the bank's crown jewels, noting that many of Goldman's top executives emerged from that operation, including chief executive Lloyd Blankfein.

'Reasonable' restrictions

It's not just financial firms that have much at stake. Over the years, Goldman Sachs and other big brokerages promoted commodities investments to pension funds, hedge funds and endowments. Industry officials warn that the pensions of millions of public employees could suffer if the government cracks down on commodity trading.

Leading the charge to rein in outsize trading is none other than a former Goldman Sachs star, Gensler. President Obama appointed him last year to head the CFTC.

Update from BFC

Buffalo Field Campaign
Yellowstone Bison
Update from the Field
April 1, 2010

I am posting this update from the Buffalo Field Campaign because I feel it is related to the plight of Americas Wild Equines, same as the wolves; they should all be given PRINCIPAL use of their historic rangelands and its TIME to call for a COMPLETE and QUICK END to the Public (Welfare) Ranching Program. Return the lands to the animals that rightfully belong on them,....return the lands to THE PUBLIC for everyone to enjoy. Let the wild animals be and relieve the public of the tax-burden put upon them by having to pay BILLIONS of dollars a year to administer the program (which produces less than 3% of our nations beef) Moreover, the lands will come back to health once the Agri-Socialist Public Welfare Rancing Program is ended. In this matter, there can be no compromise.


Intense spring blizzards haven't stopped BFC from engaging in a celebration of wild buffalo. Horse Butte and the upper Madison Valley are teeming with the prehistoric shaggy giants, and patrols have been basking in the glory of their company after a long, lonely winter. It is hard to put into words how complete the landscape feels with the buffalo's presence. Ravens, too, are celebrating their return, flying with the herds, performing acrobatic stunts, diving in and out of family groups, and cawing out in joyful jubilation.

We have had some fantastic, and unintentional intimate encounters with the buffalo. Patrols perched in rock outcroppings at the top of Horse Butte were watching a group of about 100 buffalo when some family groups of about 20 buffalo began to make their way toward us. To prevent spooking them, our only choice was to sit still and quietly let them know we were there. Buffalo of all ages surrounded us; we met yearlings, young bulls, adolescent cows, and gorgeous adult females heavy with calves. They were so curious at our presence, stopping to lock eyes and sniffing the air to gather our scents. They gently walked along, grazing the early grasses, and after about two hours, they walked back towards the larger group. You can view more of these photos on BFC's FaceBook page.

Thankfully, buffalo crossing the road to reach Horse Butte haven't collided with vehicles. BFC has been out putting up our Buffalo Crossing signs, and we were successful in getting the MT Department of Transportation to turn on the "Animals on Road" highway signs and lower the speed limit from 70mph to 55mph, which the periodic presence of a MT Highway Patrol has been enforcing.

The Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) has not yet taken any actions against the buffalo, but it is only a matter of time. The weather is currently staving off management operations, as ground conditions, blizzards, and extreme winds are preventing the DOL from using their usual vehicles of harassment. For now, all is as it should be: wild buffalo roaming free on portions of the lands that are their birthright.

But what is the future of wild buffalo in Montana? You can help determine it. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) wants to hear from you about your ideas and perspectives on restoring fence-less populations of wild bison in Montana. It is important that wild bison advocates everywhere participate in this survey. The survey asks your opinions on the pros and cons of wild bison restoration. Pros to consider can include ecological, spiritual, cultural, and tourism benefits; just speak from your heart. Give FWP your vision of having American buffalo roaming wild and free, without fences, in Montana. They also ask about the cons: challenges from the livestock industry, highways, and agricultural lands are a few, but these can be met and mitigated. Imagine wild buffalo roaming out of Yellowstone, no DOL to stop them, no traps to kill them; buffalo walking where they want, filling the plains back up, coexisting with humans, humans making every effort to develop solutions to the challenges. Buffalo wild and free all over the land. It can happen. Together, we will make it so.

Share your vision with FWP and help restore wild, fenceless populations of bison in Montana!


* Big Thanks from Mike for L.A. Hospitality

I would like to thank and honor the following people for making my trip to the Genesis Awards in Los Angeles possible. First to Matt Testa who never stops fighting for the buffalo and whose documentary Buffalo Battle earned us the nomination that was the reason for the trip. Matt and his partner Hallie hosted me as their guest my entire visit.

I also owe great thanks to Tom Rogan and Authentic Entertainment for taking the chance on BFC, donating cameras, computers, and even buying my ticket to the awards ceremony. You are truly a bright spot in Hollywood.

Jonny & Kristine Vasic have, from the start of this project, been there for Buffalo and Buffalo Field Campaign. You helped with every aspect of this production and have become true friends for life. Jonny even arranged a spectacular last minute benefit that covered all my travel costs.

And speaking of the benefit, thank you Laban Pheidias and the 2 Headed Horse for the use of your space and your great work and Prabhat Gautam of Positive TV, Cruzers Pizza and Michelle Sassy, Bettina Rosmarino and Billy Hulting for the beverages.

Many of our supporters attended the benefit and helped out everywhere. Especially helpful were Dr. Lorin Lindner and her new husband Matt; Zach & Janae Galanis; Lucas Short; Bridget Schack; and Ali, our new Summer Outreach Coordinator. Each of these people put in hard work to make the benefit a success.

Although I felt out of place in the big city, you all helped ease the pain. It was wonderful to have a family-like feeling from all of my new and old friends. Thanks again to all who made this happen. Now I think it is time you all come to Montana and let me return the favor.

With the Buffalo,
Mike Mease

* Buffalo on Capitol Hill: Make Local Contact with Your Members of Congress

BFC's D.C. policy coordinator Josh Osher reports that while Congress is in recess for the spring (until April 11) it is key for buffalo advocates to visit local offices of your representative, make phone calls, and communicate your strong support to:

1. Stop using your tax dollars to fund Montana Department of Livestock and Yellowstone National Park operations that harm or lead to the slaughter of wild buffalo.

2. Use your tax dollars wisely by purchasing livestock grazing rights on land adjacent to Yellowstone National Park, which will open habitat for wild buffalo and other native wildlife forever.

Josh reports there is support in Congress for purchasing grazing rights - a solution to a no-end-in-sight conflict that has cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and forever removed 3,200 wild buffalo from land that is their birth right.

Buffalo advocates: Contact your member of Congress and urge them to support habitat based solutions for America's last wild buffalo to roam free. Visit the link above, check the appropriations roster to see if your member of Congress sits on one of two subcommittees that oversee how your tax dollars are spent. If you don't see them listed there, contact them through this link. For more detailed information on how to persuade Congress, you can review BFC's comments to House members who oversee taxpayer funding affecting America's last wild buffalo.

Thank you for supporting the buffalo and BFC's efforts on Capitol Hill!