Friday, April 23, 2010

A Public Appoligy to Followers on Feed

For those of you following my feeds, I appoligize for the bombardment you must be experiencing in your inboxes from my editorial work of late. I have a terrible habit of making revisions to my posts on-line and I just realized that my backwards way of doing things is effecting other people in that they are geting a copy of everyone of my revisions and I aam soooooooooooo embarassed and sorry for the bombardment of emails you must be recieving as a result of my carelessness. (Actually, I didnt know anyone was follerin my feeds until I got mention of it the other day!) It is nice to know that at least some have signed up to recieve my feeds and OF COURSE I want you to keep following so I promice from here on in that I will start doing things right (for a change) and will stop or at least keep to a minimum any online revisions I feel I have to make.

Thanks for indulging me my indiscrepencies..

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