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In red for the blood of the equines spilled, and for those whos blood is about to be spilled, and for the RAGE I am feelin in my heart over the fact of another Wild Horse Warror Lost to the En-A-Me



Laura Leigh

In the $pirit of Comprolie$e'$

Equine Advocate Drop$ Law $

CHICAGO, (EWA) - Laura Leigh, artist, wild horse advocate and Subject Matter Expert for the Equine Welfare Alliance, in a gesture of support for the concept of cooperative dialogue dropped her lawsuit against Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) last week.
CASE DROPPED on CONCEPT? - So sad that you would have to give up something so important to the cause to effect a CONCEPT" (the idea) of cooperative dialogue," something that should come naturally to mature adults TRUelY working towards the same goals- which by the way should be in the BEST INTEREST OF THE HORSE not the people who want to own or exploit them AND TO JUST GET THEM OFF THEIR LAND. And all you get out of the deal is a "promice" of open communication & transparency? Geeze, dont you know this administration is INFAMOUS for those kind of lies? Did you get your "promice" in writing, or are you takin it on your "blind faith" in the BLM / USFWS?
"Conversations with both Gene Seidlitz of the BLM's Winnemucca district and Paul Steblein of Sheldon NWR lead me to the decision Of course, you made this decision all on your own, with no prodding or promting from your legal representative to "take the money and run." to show my support for the type of dialogue possible here Every advocate is thirsty for constructive dialogue with the enemy, but not at the expense of caving to them entirely and giving up "the good fight," know, the FIGHT FOR RIGHT and drop my legal action. You mean "the advocates" legal action, dont you? You know you were not in this fight alone. You had HUNDREDS of people supporting your efforts. Did you think for one minute to consult with any them to see how they feel before making such a rash decision, I mean those advocates and warriors outside your intimate circle of friends and associates? Of couse ewe had no obligation to consult w/ dem butt wood've ben da rite thin 2 do donach think I do however expect lots of luck with that expectation to have continued contact with both of these individuals as this process moves from theory to reality." With them (and you should know this) what you expect to get and what you actually get are not the same. The advocates and the Equines ALWAYS come out with the short end of the stick. R U sure U R not setting yer X-pect-tations 2 hi? I would have sought to have the case held in abeyance pending further ACTION or at least until sign of fruitition on/and/or of the plan,... (whatever that may be) could be acertained. Did you get anything
in writing to insure that the lines of communications will stay open and promices r kept ore r u relin' on their reputation 4 hon-s-t?
Leigh's attorney, Gordan Cowan of Reno Nevada said, "This was a 'feel good,'about gettin paid heartfelt (gag) issue that made me proud to have followed it through my ass you did! YOU CAVED! on a pro (Willie) bobo basis."
Followed it through all right, right up into the point where there was talk of $$$ to be made for your efforts. If ya' dunna' a'thunk ya' had a weener ya' woodna' tuk da case. Ya musta hadem' reeeel scared. Then again I am thinking, maybe $$$ wasent involved,..I could be wrong about that, cause I am thinking maybe instead of $$$$, maybe they gave you FIRST DIBBS on the wild horses so you canput them in your RODEOS;

Maybe you got alitte a both but o'couse we will never know. Betcha u tuk care o' dat and got the record sealed.
The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) California, Oregon and Nevada District Offices along with U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) are in the planning stages of creating a two million acre SALAZOO management complexES for wild horses in Southeast Oregon, Northeast California, Northwest Nevada and the Sheldon NWR located in Northeast Nevada and Oregon. On Indian Lands perhaps, where they cant wait for the slaughter to begin? I can hear the pounding of the hammers and the whirring of the drils and the general noise of construction already in my ears. I can hear the screams of the yet-to-be slaughered ones cryiig out to me in my dreams.
"In general I am very happy about this," Why wouldnt you be? U jus had a maj. Victory! said Paul Steblein, Complex Manager Sheldon-Hart Mountain NWR, "this is an opportunity to create Salazoo & Slaughterhouse constructION jobs that will generate income for generations to come ways to manage horses across the landscape."(far away from their homelands and out of YOUR hair, at last.)

The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act mandated the protection of these animals as a national heritage species.
So why then dont you petition your white house friends to have them declared National Treasures - then they WOULD ALL be protected - its not so very hard to do, again, if you have THE HEART

The act states in part: "It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; now THATS a about "worthless words" such protection can never be had what with all that STATUTORY NULLIFICATION going on and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands."
and NOT TO FORGET to be PRINCIPAL USERS of their lands.
Currently USFWS land, although under the jurisdiction of the Department of Interior as is BLM, is not mandated by the regulations in the 1971 act.
Left out of the Act by inadvertant omission of the authors of the bill and Congress, and, an omission you could have asked correction of in your FREEKIN STINKIN lawsuit or authored a proposal to Congress to amend & correct the Act, if only you had a mind.

"The advocates have a lot to offer this process

also in bed with the N-a-Me. Leigh stated "often there are accusations that advocates want to see horses 'just run free and destroy the range' that's not the case. Advocates actually offer a viable management strategy." Who gives a damn about accusations coming from the enemy camp? And the ONLY management strategy you shoud be considerin is how to get them back on their land. But NOOOOOOO u apparently think Salazoos "OK Corral Plan" is perfectly A-OK. wel may b u do butt
knot me
Steblein stated, "This is a time where we stop pointing fingers and figure out how to solve this." Stop pointing fingers? You mean like lettin 'YOU off the hook, as IF YOU aint guilty of nuttin, facilitating a corrupt regime and helping them with the extinction of our American Herds? What have you got to Figger out? There aint nuttin 2 figger, but if you must "figger" on sumtin, how about you figger a way to get the Act extended to all of Americas Wild Ones everywhere and a way for them to stay on their traditional lands and be principal users of same. The way it is SUPPOSED 2 b. The way CONGRESS intended it to be. But of course, that is THE LAST thing you want , so, looks like its up to the warriors to get the job done, and here is what they need : a good constitutional lawyer to charge the
durti bastas' IN THE statutory nullification way. .

Leigh said she couldn't agree more.

wish she would

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