Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Email Addy & an Old Song

Well I have had to reformat my new computer already but that is probably my own dern fault. I let my Norton expire and it wasent but a few days after that until I began to get bombarded with all kinds of (low to mediuum) risk virus's, email worms, spy and other malware, so maybe it is time for a check up on your own machines if you have had trouble with your own email accounts. Just a warning to beware that these things are always floating around.... so be sure to keep your protection updated. Dont be a dunce like me! I should be out doin chores today (and a BEAUTIFUL day it is, at last!) but here I am because of my own negligence having to spend what is turning out to be the entire day messing around indoors with MACHINES.

Here is my new email addy, and it is the only one I have for now, until I can figger our how to connect all my accounts, so if you want to send me something, email me at:


Otherwise, if it is something that just cant wait, contact me (Chris) directly (518) 753 - 7791 anytime day or not. I have a MACHINE I check frequently.

Speaking of "Machines," I came across a video the other day with a song on it that bought be immediately back to the 1960's and has to do with MACHINES and I thought eventhough the song is what, 40 years old already, appropriate it is still for today.

The song is done by a little known group that put out only a couplea' albums, but they were very popular. Lothar and the Hand People were particularly innovative even in their own time because they were the first R n' R band ever to use a moog-synthisizer.

If you are interested in old rock and roll, click on the title above to give a listen (and a look) The visuals are as interesting as the music.

Music, Truth, Beauty & Art
Thats all we really have that no one can take away

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