Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nevada Cries POOR MOUTH as Excuse 2 Can Wild Horses (and Burros)

I just dont understand how a state like Nevada could be so broke, with all the Sala-Czar Kazillion-Doller developments goin on. PLUS, I know from my own experience that even in the worst of times, the gamblin industry is one of the few industries that still thrives, even though there profit margins maybe down, they are still making Big Bucks, generally from the poorer folk who can least afford it the most. These are indeed desperate times, but not for the well-to-do or the filthy rich few, and that includes corporations, for they are "people" too. Honest, Im not kiddn ya, corporations are "artificial people." Dont u wish u culd b 1 of them 2? Then your co. and exe.'s are protected from being sued for all the bad things they do....Watch out though for the piercing of the corporate veil. Ouch! Hertz donut, Mr Corporation man, or woman, or persons, whatever the case may be. Yeah, Nevadas crying poor mouth alright, just like Wall St. and the Big Bank$Ters and the Hi-Financiers that make the machinery go; ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching. My o my but they love to hear those bells and buzzers and cash registers ring.

Bastardized Song to a Bitch of a Thing
"The Artificial Person Song"

Lyin', cheatin', hurtin, thas's all u seem 2 dew
Always the same, playin' your game
Driv'in' US insane, truble's gonna come 2 u

wona dez daze n it won't be long
Yu'll open up yer wallits n yer money'll
all b gone,...then whadda ya gonna do?
Hav Geithner n Bernanke ask Congress
2 prnt up sum'ore' 4 u
then write it off 2 US?

Ubet..... cha'

Yer Time is Gonna Come, Oh Yes It Will
1 of these days & it wont b long
You'll all be broke 2 en a singin dis song

Just lke the resta US
Yul b kry'in 2
Knot noin whre 2 go or
wat 2 due
n we wont feel sorri 4 u
Oh yeah....
Your time IS goin'ta come,
yes indeed,....

Dont believe Nevadas hype about being broke. Its all subterfuge. An excuse to slaughter horses for money,... particularly the wild kind.

Learn more about corporations and other greedy bastards here;

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