Friday, January 8, 2010

Horse Warriors: A History

Click on title above to go to the first in a series of informative vids entitled "Horse Warriors." While not about the kind of horse warriors such as ourselves, advocating FOR the horses, it is a good reminder of the important part the horse has played in the history, development and civilization of man....particularly as pertains to warfare. The vids are not easy to watch for animal lovers, as there is much cruelty to animals in them,....if you will notice the way the barbarians break their horses, it seems as if things havent changed very much over the years, since some BLM WH&B folk and other "cowboy-types," in some cases, are still "breaking them" the (same) old fashioned way, same as Atillas folk did (beating them and terrifying them and breaking their spirits in about 90 seconds flat) and, also like Atillas Folks, they want to eat them when they are no longer useful or profitable for them to keep.

If you enjoy this vid, you might enjoy the rest of the series too, which should come up when you click on the vid


and remember, be kind to your horse at all times. They have done alot for man and suffered much and, as we all well know,...continues to suffer many abuses at the hands of man (and women like Sue Wallis) to this day.

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shari said...

We need to protect our WILD AMERICAN HERITAGE-OUR MAJESTIC WILD HORSES & BURROS from the murderous, corrupt BLM. THEY WIL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for terrorizing and killing our wild horses!!!!!!!!!