Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Problem with "Wild Horse Mentors"

The problem with "Wild Horse Mentors" is that they believe the BLM hype (in bold italics) from their website (below)

"With the decline of natural predators, wild horses and burros are multiplying in greater numbers than their environment can support. As a result, the BLM removes excess animals and adopts them out to individuals with appropriate facilities. The Wild Horse Mentors proactively help these animals by providing educational materials, workshops and one-on-one assistance to wild horse ad burro adopters so that the animals may become successfully adjusted to domestic life and and live healthy and contented lives."

First off, the preditors are declining cause BLM is killing them off at ranchers request. The BLMs preditor control program costs taxpayers 29 Million a year to administer.

Secondly, "wild horses are burros are multiplying in greater numbers than their environment can support" is a well known BLM BIG FAT lie. How come the Wild Horse Mentors dont know this?

Thirdly, BLMs use of the word "adoption" is a misnomer as they are not really adopted. There is no real protection for any animal adopted through expiring contracts, such as the BLMs uses.

I have been accused of "dividing the camp" with my "extremist" views, but I say, if that is so, maybe the camp NEEDS deviding. We should ALL be fighting to keep them all wild and free. If managed properly, very few should ever have to be removed from the ranges and offered for adoption. There is PLENTY of room for them ALL on our public lands, particularly we give them the 20 million acres taken from them since 1971 and also if we get rid of the cows. Can you say "Give Them Back Their Lands" and / or "NO MORE COWS IN WILD HORSE COUNTRY?"


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