Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres' & Portia de Rossi to Hold Benefit Auction for Wild Horses & Burros

My oh my how word gets 'round. First Willie & Sheryl, then the Barbi Twins, and I dont know who else or how many other musicians and/or celebrities have come out and voiced their concern to the American Public about the crisis our National Herds are in today. I guess they have taken the time to study the issue and have learned the TRUTH and recognize the problem for what it really is: A government agency run amuck, putting itself above the law and doing what it dam well pleases, disreguarding statutory mandates, defrauding Congress, stealing from the American Public, breaching their public trust,and DESTROYING our Public Property as well. Not only are they stealing from us and destroying the environment, but they are trampling on our Constitutional Rights as well, in many ways. And all for the sake of private interests and economic gain for "The Privlidged Phew." You dont have to be a brain sturgon to know by now that its all about the almighty dollar and the biggest bang for the buck, and it is NOT supposed to be that way. There are laws that say so. There are also laws against unjust enrichment, for those who knowingly break or ignore the law, and, in my mind at least, anyone who benefits from the proceeds thereof is just as guilty as the rouge agency or agent(s) (individually and in their official capacities) or the individual citizen law-breakers themselves. End of Story.

Oh wouldnt it be wonderful if the above title were true?

Click on title above for info on the real benefit auction;

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