Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hope Ryden Writes ObombA

Be sure to read way down at the end where Hope, at one time, submitted an Amicus (Friend of the Court) Brief in at least one wild horse case. Did you know just about anyone can submit one of these POWERFUL TOOLS on any pending case? H-e-l-l-o?

Dear Mr. President,

I implore you to read this message and offer help to a group of wild horses living in Nevada, whose fate now lies in your hands alone. All other avenues for help have been appealed to, unsuccessfully, and though horse advocates on behalf of these animals did celebrate a partial victory yesterday (when Judge Friedman found merit in IDA’s argument that the BLM’s practice of stockpiling tens of thousands of horses in long-term holding facilities in the Midwest is not authorized by law), at the same time, the judge failed to stop yet another roundup scheduled for December 28th. And so without your help, this roundup will go forward and more horses will be packed into already horrific conditions.

Given that the judge concurred that conditions in the overcrowded holding pens throughout Nevada are brutal (mares with foals cannot fight their way through the free-for-all when feed is tossed into the center of the pens) and given that the judges's own ruling states that the stockpiling of horses in these overcrowded pens is against the law, why then did he not prohibit the BLM from further aggravating the problem with this Christmas time roundup?

In addition, roundups at this snowy time of year are always catastrophic. The panicked animals being herded by helicopters slip and fall on the rugged terrain. There is no need for this roundup, but that is another issue, which I do not mean to take up at this time. I want to ask you Mr President to offer these beautiful and harmless horses a Christmas reprieve. You will make so many animal sensitive people happy if you grant these harmless creatures the gift of pardon this Christmas. .

Hope Ryden, author
(A NY WH(&B)Warrior!)
"America's Last Wild Horses"

I have been involved in this horse story now for more than forty three years, and it was my book (the first to be published on the subject of wild horses) that alerted Congress to the need for a law to protect this American treasure. In 1970 II worked with Congress to write the Wild Horse and Burro Act, which was passed in 1971. I also filed an Amicus Brief when the issue came before the Supreme Court (New Mexico vs The United States re the Wild Horse and Burro Act). The decision came down 9 to 0 in favor of the Federal Act.

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