Friday, January 8, 2010

Advocates Conduct WORLD WIDE Bare-Naked Protest

...well, actually, the demo in the vid is on bicycles against Big-Oil, ....but could very well be US, summer, riding & protesting against horse slaughter and for the wild ones; only, of course, we would be riding a horse instead. Imagine that! We could call it our "Godiva Campaign,".....

...and the men,..well, er, ah,... the men riders could be called the "Sir Galahad" Gang

Click on title above to see the bare-naked biker demos, this one in St. Louie, summer 07, I think
(best w/ sound on)

What I am wondering is, how in the hell did they ever get a permit to go naked? Do you suppose the real Lady Godiva needed one? rotflmao

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