Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bacon/Fish Creek Allotments, Wyoming

Click on title above to see who is also working against the wild ones - and PAYING the ranchers to retire their grazing permits! Support this org and you are helping to line the welfare ranchers pockets. Just REVOKE all grazing permits and give the land back to the animals that belong there, including and above all, of course, our nations wild horse (and burro) herds. The WFHBA of 1971 says that they are an integral part of our ecosystem as well as a national heritage and are to have PRINCIPAL use of their lands. Dont you think its about time the BLM enforced this law, well as the EXEMPTION under Fedral Lands Policy & Management Act (FLPMA) that DOES NOT require any MANDATED multiple use or "balancing of resources" upon their lands, as the lands our wild horses roam on have already been designated as principally for their use. What part of PRINCIPALITY dont the BLM understand? Maybe they should look it up in their Funkin Wagnals to see.

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