Sunday, October 25, 2009

Protect & Preserve Our Wild Horses & Burros Upon Their Historic Rangelands - DO NOT Support the R.O.A.M. Act!!!

DO NOT Support the ROAM Act - it is nothing but a "land-grab" to get the horses off our public lands and into private and public zoo-like settings. In effect, what the ROAM Act is saying is this, "We wont kill no wild horses if you allow us to take them off of our public lands, and put them into private settings and give them birth control." President of the Public Lands Foundation and ex-BLM bigwhig George Lea is right, we dont need no new Act to preserve and protect our wild ones - the WFH&B Act of 1971 will do just fine if the BLM would learn to properly manage the herds and control their numbers through REGULAR culling- there would be no need for birth control if they would just gather the adoptable ones on a regular basis and NOT wait for years and years to do it. We need to preserve the herds in viable numbers upon their historic lands!!! The "excess" can go into private hands or be placed upon lands other than their historic rangelands, but the main herds must stay protected forever upon their historic lands. The ROAM Act WILL NOT do that but will allow them to be relocated elsewhere either in private or public zoo-like settings and / or "sanctuaries."

The ROAM Act "strikes out" the provision in the Wild Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 that says they are to be protected "upon the lands they stood" in 1971! Why would they want to strike that part out if it wasnt for a land-grab so they can be free to put them where-ever they want, and sterilize them! ? If you support the ROAM Act it means you believe the WFH&B Act of 1971 is not sufficient enough protection for them and are believing the BLMs BS that the land cannot sustain them, - which we all know is a BIG FAT lie.

People this is more than just a wild horse issue, it is a public lands issue also. We must fight to preserve the wild ones historic rangeland as part and parcel of the fight to preserve our wild equines and to keep them wild and free forever UPON THEIR HISTORIC LANDS! The ROAM Act IS A TRICK! Do not be fooled that it will protect them. It will take away the lands designated as "principally" for their use. It will be the beginning of the end of free-roaming wild horses and burros on their historic rangelands.

Moreover, the ROAM Act will allow for Spay-Vac of the mares which is oftentimes fatal and non-reversable - so much for maintaining viable herds with the ROAM ACt,...the mares will all be sterile and the stallions gelded.

Please, if you want to keep our wild equines in the wild, DO NOT support the ROAM Act but fight to ENFORCE the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and Amend THAT to include protection for Americas wild herds everywhere and not just on BLM, USDA or Forest Service Lands. Amend it also to take out the "Burns Rider" allowing for unresticted sale of the unadoptables while we are at it....we DO NOT need a whole new "Act." Also we should work harder on our campaign to remove all cows (and sheep) from wild horse country....there is a law in BLM regs that provides for that - dont you think its about time they utilized it? Either that or we will have to campaign harder to revoke all grazing permits. Time to end the biggest "private" social welfare program that benefits only a few but costs taxpayers 500 M a year to administer!

Read more about the Wild Horse (and Burro) Wars here;

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Anonymous said...

are you nuts? try reading the act before you comment on it

Mz.Many Names said...

I have studied "the act" long and hard.....and have also read the congressional minutes,....and concluded the same as George Lea, President of the Public Lands Foundation and ex-BLM employee. Do you think he is wrong in his accessment? I dont think so. Why dont you try reading the Congressional Minutes and learn for yourself,......there is more to the rationale behind the Act that meets the eye, and it CLEARLY DOES take away the horses and burros RIGHT to stay and remain protected on their historic rangeland. What part of "strike out" "protected upon the lands they stood in 1971" dont you understand, Einstein?

Rahalls Amendment, in his own words from the latest Congressional Minutes;

"....And, finally, the amendment relaxes the requirement that the BLM return wild horses and burros to the acres of public land from which they have been removed since 1971. "

spicey said...

i agree, the ROAM act is a farce and all we need to do is ENFORCE the 1971 act.
Here is a link of a video I made with Wild Horse Ecologist Craig Downer - feel free to distibute it, embed it, whatever

jeff roth