Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pro Se Plaintiffs Wanted for the Tobin & Calico, Nv. Gathers

Any "herd-watcher" in the Tobin or Calico ranges (or for any gather, for that matter) who would like to sue the BLM over these gathers can contact me and I will do my best to assist them in a Pro Se Action.

They will have to duly comment and file an administrative appeal and be ready to pay a $350 filing fee or submit a fee-waiver on the grounds of inability to pay. I will help with all of the above if you need me to, and will be GLAD to do it.

*I havent had a chance to review the respective EAs for these gathers yet, but if the plan(s) call for less than zeroing out of these herds, it would be best to get to know as many individual herd members as possible, giving them names even. The BLM likes to say that as long as any equines remain, there is no harm to us "herd watchers." That is why is it is so important to come to know every individual herd member so that real harm can be shown when and if those individual members happen to be caught up in the gathers and removed.

Wild Horses and Burros
Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Final Environmental Assessments
Tobin HMA Gather Tobin and Sonoma Ranges Jerome Fox EA Completed
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
Calico Complex Gather East and West Black Rock Range, Calico Mountains, Granite Range and Warm Springs Canyon
Jerome Fox
Preliminary EA

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