Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Best Damn Wild Horse (and Burro) Blog Around & The New WH&B Herd Stewardship Program

A few people have asked me where is a good place on the internet to keep up with WH&B news, and here is what I write;

Here (below) is about the best, most informative and regularly updated site for "all things wild equine." The page will open up to the "Schedual of Round-Ups Page," but be sure to browse around for all kinds of info; (click on title above to go to "The American Herds Blogspot."

Also, there is talk of starting some sort of a volunteer "Herd Mentor" or "Stewardship" Program where someone or some org will be watching every herd and come to know its members. They will "duly" make comments to the BLM re: any proposed action, and will also file administrate appeals so that they will have "standing" to sue as plaintiffs, if needed. One of the most difficult parts of wild horse (and burro) litigation is finding plaintiffs with strong by this program we will have not only people looking out for every herd, but also we will have a pool of "ready made" potential plaintiffs. In order to do this, the "herd watchers" will have to come to know every herd member as possible and to know them by name, much the same as they do for "Clouds Herd." Why must we come to know each individual herd member intimately? Say there is a herd with 100 members and the BLM proposes to remove 50. If we oppose the removals "generally,"...they will argue that we will not be harmed as there will still be some horses left. If we come to know them each individually ---if ANY ONE OF THEM is removed, we suffer over their loss as individuals and can show harm....Maybe you will be so upset at the thought of losing any one of "your" herd members that you will have to see a councelor? Sound funny or a little "extreme?" You would not believe how something like that would help strengthen your case, as would prove "emotional distress." (I'm about ready to see one myself,..again!)

So, you see, it is not so much the "herd" we must come to know, it is its individual members...all this in order to have REAL "standing" if we ever need to sue. Well worth the effort, dont you think?

If you live near a wild horse or burro range and are interested in becoming a herd mentor or steward, let the "American Herds" blog-owner know and she will make note of which herd you will be watching.

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