Thursday, October 1, 2009

National Save-a-National-Parks-Wild-Horse Day!! Wild Horses 2 B Auctioned -Off in ND,.. NO RESTRICTIONS

I have just spoken with a wonderful woman named MaryLou Weber who is helping the Stockmans Livestock Auction people in Dickenson, ND with the upcoming auction of approximatley 90 wild horses that are being removed from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in a few weeks. She wants to help find buyers for these animals that will provide good homes. In efforts to do that, she is trying to organize a way where wild-horse folk will be able to bid over the phone.

I am writing this in hopes that she will get some help to do this and to place these horses, as she tells me they usually go for not more than $100!!! She has been busy going out taking pics and if you call her she will email you a pdf file of some of the horses that are going to be auctioned off.

We need to get the word out about this livestock auction to occur in Dickenson, ND on Oct. 23, 2009, and find a way to work with the auction house and MayLou so that people can bid over the phone.

I am waiting for MaryLou to send me the file and as soon as she does I will post the pics and the info here. Meanwhile, click on the title above to see Mary Lous blog where you can see some of the wild horses that will be auctioned, and you can email her directly from the "Profile" page of her blog site, or you can call her with any ideas on how to set it up so people can bid over the phone (or on-line, if we find a way!) she would be happy to hear from you. Her number is (701) 527-3243 Tell her Chris Jubic told you to call.

Here is a link to the Stockmans Auction House where the horses will be sold to the highest bidder,...NO RESTRICTIONS.

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