Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Young Girls Poem to a Wild Horse

Written by Laura Beechet, a 14 yr old wild horse lover over in Germany, who says she tried to write this poem "from the horses point of view." I think she did a very good job. Dont you?


The Wild One

I’m a wild horse, a mustang

Roaming the hills of the Nevada range.

I’m free like an eagle,

Runnin’ over long prairies and splashin’ through small rivers.

I’m fast like the wind

And no one can stop me

Except my biggest enemies

- humans.

They’ll never let me return to wilderness

If they ever catch me and take me into one of ther small corrals.

They’ll train me and try to tame me

And they’ll break my heart.

They’ll expect from me to carry heavy saddles and people.

They’ll ride me and let me go after cattle.

They’ll gimme enough of water and food

And they’ll gimme a home.

But they’ll never gimme the home I love,

The home I long for and the home I belong to.

They’ll never gimme the wildness back.

And every night I’ll dream the same dream

- the dream of a world only made for wild horses.

Laura Beechet

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