Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GAO Wants to Know "Why Hasent the Killing Begun?"

Well we all know the BLM has ALWAYS had the discretionary power to euthanise any horses they deem "unadoptable," and they only reason that the BLM hasent exersized the discretionary "power to kill" healthy horses is because of PUBLIC OUTRAGE. They know that most Americans can see through the BS and will not stand quietly by while our big-whig politicians & bureaucrats carry out their expermination plan for Americas wild horses for the sake of special interest, or those who will line their pockets the most or suck their u no whats the best) They know America simply WONT HAVE IT and that is why "the mass killing" has not begun. They are smart to fear the truth cause it wont make any of em look 2 good.

From the BLMs Report on the Government Accountability Office Report;

"The report correctly notes that the BLM has limited options for dealing with unadopted and unsold animals within its finite budget. One option is to humanely put down animals for which no adoption demand exists, as directed by the 1978 amendments to the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act; another option is to sell "without limitation" horses older than 10 and those younger that have been passed over for adoption at least three times, as directed by a December 2004 amendment to the 1971 law. The GAO recommends -- and the Department of the Interior and the BLM agree -- that the Bureau should initiate discussions with Congress on addressing the BLM's noncompliance with these directives in the 1971 law, as amended."

The GAO whats to know, "why hasent the killing begun?"

Click on title above for BLM Commentary on the GAO Report;

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