Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BLM: All About "Resource Development"

Well we all know its not about cows anymore,....but here it is straight "from the horses mouth," so to speak,..no pun intended;

“Whether or not cattle are there, those horses are causing damage to our wetlands, impacting our native species and wildlife,” Steblein said,project manager at the Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge

However, despite Mr. Stebleins' apparent concern over the "flaura & fauna" of Nevadas Rangelands and its wildlife,.. after viewing yesterdays WH&B Advisory Committee Meeting, it is apparent that its not REALLY about "protecting the land" anymore either, but about "resource development." The BLM does NOT consider our wild horses as resources. Therein lies the problem. The BLM is ALL ABOUT LAND and "resource development," and what is land these days but a "rescource" and a very valuable one at that. The wild horses are a liability to the BLM and its plan for "resource development." Not only are the horses in the way of the six-million cows that are grazing on their lands (for a measley $18. per year!) but they are also in the way of mining permits and operations, BIG Game Hunting and permits, but now they are in the way of "resource developmemt." And just what is "resource development," you may ask?
One of the speakers at yesterdays meetings admitted that "its all about" resource development. She said that some of the ranchers are giving up trying to eek out a living ranching and are selling off their privately owned lands to developers. The speaker boldly stated that the surrounding lands nearby these new development areas are worth "far more" for development than could ever be worth for ranching! So the BLM is into "building communities" now, or would like to be? How nice for the Powers-That-Be, (PTB) but not so nice for the American public or the horses.

November 18, 2008 9:31 AM

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