Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Last Chance" a Good Name for Pro-Slaughter Wild Horse Rescuer

Below is a post I been sending around from the Animal Angels folk telling about their latest report from info gotten through a Freedom of Information Request to the USDA. Read the blurb and then the reply I got from a Pro-Slaughter "Rescuer" in a wild horse group I belong to. It never ceases to amaze me how someone can call themselves a lover of horses and be ok with their slaughter!
Here is what I posted;

Proof Positive Horse Slaughter CAUSES Abuse, Neglect & Cruelty!

Posted by: "CJ" mulekist

Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:52 am (PST)

The latest report from Animal Angels, derived from USDAs own records;
be sure to find the links on the Animal Angels site at the bottom of
their page where you will find links to the new report, a vid and over 200 new transport, feedlot and auction-house cruelty pics. WARNING: these are some of the most graphic cruelty pics you will ever see, blind horses going to slaughter, open cuts and gapeing wounds, horses with eyeballs gone or hanging out, horses with broken ankels or legs or NO leg or foot! These pics are not for the squeemish but are a true depiction of what life is like for these poor animals being transported
to slaughter.

This horror must end, and soon.



Posted by: "Andi"
Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:06 am (PST)


"Proof positive"??? Oh give me a BREAK! It's just PETA tactics to get
MONEY ... get some bad pictures of injured horses and say ALL horses are treated this way on the way to slaughter and ALL slaughter houses are horrible and ALL kill buyers are evil.

People are people and abuse will happen, period. It is NOT in the slaughter houses best interest to abuse a horse before it is killed. Anyone who has ever hunted knows that an animal pumped full of adrenalin is NOT good to eat.

What we NEED is more slaughter houses that are smaller, with better methods and regulations enforced. We do NOT need to be sending thousands and thousands of horses on horribly long trailer rides to Mexico. That is ALL these bleeding heart animal rights idiots have done is condemn our horses to a HORRIBLE death. Slaughter, done properly, is NOT inhumane nor cruel.Horses live for RIGHT NOW, not for yesterday or tomorrow but for RIGHT NOW.
With the number of horses being abandoned and neglected, left at auction houses, left in fields to slowly die, the prospect of a HUMANE SLAUGHTER HOUSE is a blessing. But NO, we have to ship them to Mexico in overcrowded trucks where there are NO regulations regarding the treatment and manner in which the horses are slaughtered.

Good job. I hope you're proud. Makes me sick to be a member of a
population that cares so little about our animals they put blinders on and think if they can't see it, then it ain't happening. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Sorry folks but I just couldn't take it anymore. Usually I just delete this trumped up propaganda BS but I'm not in the mood to turn the other cheek this morning. Don't worry about an on-going debate on it because Mule Kist never replies to my emails.

Burns, Oregon
Last Chance Ranch
Click on title above to see "Last Chance" website;

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