Monday, November 17, 2008

The 19th Recommendation

Well the WH&B Advisory Committe wrapped up its meeting a short while ago and following the report of the GAO, accepted 17 out of their 18 recommendations. The ONE voice of dissent for the wild horses came from the chairwoman of the board who represents the wild horse advocates, "nixing" recommendation #17 which calls for the sale of BLm horses "with no limitations, and/or for "euthansia." The good chairwoman made it clear that from a wild horse advocates point of view, this "seventeenth recommendation," was unacceptable. KUDOs for the one voice on the board that came out for "life" for the horses. Of course, that doesnt mean the BLm wont still use Recommendation #17 "as a last resort," if "deemed necessary."

We must continue to make ALOT of noise!

WE have a 19th Recommendation to submit to the board (and congress) and this is:

1. Revoke all grazing permits
2. Give back the 20 million acres that were taken from wild horse rangelands,and
3. Set all the wild horses free

That is our ONLY acceptible solution.

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