Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Wild Idea" Bufffalo Meat - MMPU Will Travel

Click on title above to go to their website where they tell us a little more about their Buffalo Slaughter operations,.....They have those awful "MMPUs" (Mobile Meat Processing Units"otherwise known as slaughterhouses on wheels....all inspected by our USDA (the trucks, that is, not necessarily the meat)

This is a South Dakota mobile slaughter operation. They specialize in killing buffalo but I guess they will kill mjust about anything anyone pays them to. I wonder if they are under govt contract......Hummmm.

Click on the title above to go to their website and see who they are partnering with,...a group of Native Americans (Sioux) who have organized their own selves into a sort of food and farming co-op they named "The Sustainable Harvest Alliance"

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