Monday, November 2, 2009

The Public Trust Doctrine : A Re-Awakening of Ideals

"Of all the concepts known to American law,only the public trust doctrine seems to
have the breadth and substantive content which might make it useful as a tool of
general application for citizens seeking to develop a comprehensive legal approach to resource management problems."

– Joseph L. Sax

The Public Trust Doctrine is also persuasive because it captures timeless values that are being rediscovered by the public in this current environmental reawakening.
The beauty of the doctrine is that it makes old values new again; it is the
wisdom of the ages applied to modern challenges. Its power in advocacy is
that it is an old, entrenched doctrine. The idea that gov'ts must manage public resources for the benefit of present and future generations captures the idea of sustainability and reflects our extended connection to those who succeed us.

Click on title above to go to "The Public Trust Doctrine Manual," having to do mostly, but not exclusively, with water issues, but can be applied to almost any resource on state or federal public lands....

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