Friday, November 6, 2009

Reid behind Salazar Plan; Did he help write the ROAM Act too?

Reid, Salazar, and Abbey give Nevada $135 million after breakfast Special
By Jay David Murphy.

Senator Reid, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, and BLM Director Bob Abbey had breakfast in Searchlight and then approved $135 for public land management in Nevada.

Nevada Senator and Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid and the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar along with Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey met for breakfast at the Searchlight Nugget in Senator Reid’s tiny home town south of Las Vegas. They got together to announce Round 10 funding from the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act.

The announcement gave the approval of more than $135 million for a wide variety of restoration and improvement projects throughout Nevada and Lake Tahoe which is authorized throughout the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998 (as amended). The Act allows revenue to be generated from the sale of public lands identified for disposal in the Las Vegas valley.

After the breakfast in Searchlight the trio made the announcements to the press.
Digital Journal spoke with Justine Barasky from the office of Senator Reid about the details and he forwarded these quotes from the press conference and the details of the $135 million approved today.

Salazar had this to say, “I am pleased to commit more than $135 million for federal improvement projects throughout Nevada at Lake Tahoe. The Department of the Interior remains committed to working closely with our local, state and federal partners to protect and enhance these specials areas for the benefit of all who live in and visit Nevada.”

Senator Reid had this comment, “I thank Secretary Salazar and BLM director Abbey for coming to Searchlight to announce the approval of 135 million dollars for vital projects all around Nevada. Today’s announcement is a great example of our efforts to strengthen and diversify Nevada's economy.”

Abbey added, "Thanks to these funds, NV's lands and special areas will continue to be accessible to the public and be healthier for years to come." .

This latest funding announcement from Senator Reid is another part in a series of monies he has been a part of and over the past two weeks while in Nevada, has been attending events bringing good news that should help put some Nevadans back to work and help advance economic recovery in the state.
Senator Reid as also released the following statement to the press and Digital Journal on the eve of Labor Day weekend.

“This weekend, we honor American workers. They are the backbone of our country and help make America the economic superpower that it is today. But now, they need a boost more than ever. Whether it’s extending unemployment benefits for those searching for work or reforming health insurance to ensure quality coverage for all Americans, workers and their families deserve support from their elected leaders to relieve some of the tremendous burden they feel on a daily basis.

“While there are tremendous efforts already underway to create new jobs and stabilize the economy, there is still much work to be done and more challenges ahead of us.

“I hope we all take time this weekend to reflect on the contributions of the millions of working families across Nevada and the rest of the country.”
Here is a breakdown of more than $79.9 million of the appropriated dollars for restoration and improvement projects in Nevada.
Parks, trails, and natural areas- $10,239,022
Capitol Improvements- $8,246,129
Conservation Initiatives- $7,655,107
Environmentally sensitive land acquisitions- $13,066,000
Hazardous Fuels Reduction and Wildfire Prevention- $10,963,140
Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project- $1,931,721
Lake Tahoe Restoration Projects- $27,891,285
The package also includes a $30 million set-aside for future Lake Tahoe projects, $10 million in a special account reserve for emergency or unexpected project expenditures, and more than $15.8 million for the previously approved Wetlands Park project in Clark County.
1 Comment: Isnt it a funny coinsidence that only one month after Big Sals visit with Dirty "Hairless Harry" Reid that he came up with his "Salazoo Plan" to take Nevadas wild horses and burros and put them into private "Salazoos" and "Pickins Preserves?" If you doint think ole Unkle Harry is behind Salazars Plan, you had better think again!

Click on title above to read the letter Big Sal wrote to Harry only one month after his visit w/ Reid at Reids hometown in Searchlight, Nv;

Sals Letter to Reid, Oct. 7th, 2009

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