Friday, April 9, 2010

WARNING: 1,000.000 Horses / Another Slaughterhouse Sue Pro-Slaughter Site Created 4 UOH Campaign

They call themselves horse "rescuers," but actually the "1,000.000 Horses" site is a creation of Sue Wallis's "United Organizations of the Horse" - a "horse-lovin" pro-slaughter org that is fighting to re-open horse-slaugher plants on a state-by-state basis, and are incorporating certain Native American Tribes to help them;

If you browse around the 1,000.000 Horses site long enough and check out all the links you will see it has all the hallmarks of the BS so typical of Slaughterhouse Sue and her Bloodthirsty Gang of "Horselovin" horsekillers. Some of the pages are taken right off of the main pages of the UOH;

This is only one of the many pro-slaughter sites recently created by Sue and her UOH that focuses on blaming the closing of the slaughter-houses in the USA for (an alleged) "increase in abuse and neglect cases" - and how really really stoopid is that? Dont they know we are sending more American Horses to slaughter than ever before? They talk about the "difficulty" of transporting their unwanted horses to the far away foreign facilities, claiming most people cant afford the fees necessary to truck their (beloved) unwanted horses to the plants. What they fail to mention is the fact that they dont have too! Anybody in the Equi-business knows there is no shortage of meat-market auction houses and/or killbuyers in every state who would be happy to BUY their (beloved) un-wanted horses from them and truck them to slaughter themselves, after all, it is the killbuyers business and they make regular runs. People who send their horses to slaughter do not take them there themselves, they GET PAID for their horse(s) and the killbuyers do the dirty work of transport for them. But of course, they know that! So who are they trying to fool? The Un-Informed American Public thats who. That is why we must meet them head on with rebuttals at every opportunity and on every front. I know it gets tiresome and we are ALL battle-weary but we simply must keep on keeping on,....dispelling the lies at every opportunity,.. if we are to ultimately win this war.

UOH also has a facebook site where they have a link to their (phoney baloney) 1,000.00 Horses "rescue" site;
(notice the "wall" at the end of their facebook hyperlink. Can you imagine what that stands for?" Duh,,...ah,...Hello Suzie Q, as in Suzie Bar-B-Q Yer Hoss... lol)

And just to let you all know, I have joined them on their facebook page, just to challenge them to some healthy debate. Do you think they will have me, or delete me right away?

This should be interesting, no? Feel free to join in the fray.

UPDATE: Well I wrote this on the wall of Sue Wallis's UOH Facebook site -

"...Greetings Fellow Equine Lovers & Horse Welfare Advocates! Anybody up for a little healthy debate on the issues?.." - (then I put a link to my "U.S. Against Horse Slaughter" blog) but guess what? It was poofed off of the wall in a second, so I figger they must have me blocked on the wall, but am wondering how come I was allowed to join at all? Nevertheless, I got my message through in the comments section and then again, in the "new discussion" place. Lets see how long that lasts or how long before they poof my membership all-together - hopefully, you can see my messages to them here;!/pages/United-Organizations-of-the-Horse/156599501900

What great fun it is to harrass the enemy with TRUTH on our side! ROFLMAO!!!


MorganLvr said...

Yeah, this piece of horse pucky seems to be an associate of our old buddy, Slaughterhouse Sue. I'm sure you are surprised.

MorganLvr said...

You are SO evil!

Mz.Many Names said...

evil is live spelled backwards, n datst what Im a amin 4- to hav dem hosses n burras a LIVIN like day is post'd 2 b

wild and free

on their traditional lands

and PRINCIPAL users of same

end of stor-E