Friday, October 15, 2010

DOC 7 / Trailer Licence & Shipping Manifest w/ Brand Inspection Certificates (Caliente) Dated 10/11/09 Indicating 39 Unbranded Horses Being Shipped

Doc 7, pg 1 of 4;  shipping of 39 horses. Again, departure time is indicated (7:15) but is not marked am or pm;  PLEASE NOTE; click the docs to enlarge, and click again to further enlarge

Doc 7, pg. 2 of 4 : indicating the shipment of 39 UNBRANDED horses on 10/11/09. Permit expires at 6:00 PM on 10/11/09 - again, hours and mileage of trip left blank;

Doc 7 pg 3 of 4: Interesting that here we have TWO stamped documents indicating that TWO trucks loaded with horses crossed the Calif border on the same day....although the times of arrival are AGAIN (always) left blank, they are two different and distinct border crossing stamps both dated on 10/11/2009. However, we only have the licence for ONE truck carrying 39 horses. Is there no other paperwork for the other shipment?...Why the two border crossing stamps if only ONE truck went through that day? Where is the rest of the paperwork for the other 2nd truck? Hummmmm;

Doc 7 Pg. 4 of 4; Look like this was a truckload of mostly stallions;

..and why no time stamp on the border crossings? Could it be the BLM is shipping with expired permits and the border patrol is letting them through anyways? thinks so.

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