Sunday, October 17, 2010

DOC 16: TL, SM w/ Unmarked (Generic) WH&B Maintenance Record (Seaman) 2 Pgs. 44 Horses

TL - Trailer Licence
SM - Shipping Manifest
BICC- Brand Inspection Clearance Certificate

Note the Index (Doc 1-4)  for Doc 16 indicated the following documents are provided:

Trailer Licence 02368R Shipping Manifest w/ unmarked wild horse and burro maintenance record (Seaman) - 2 pgs.....

PLEASE note however there is NO Trailer Licence (TL)  provided with this document  - Just a Shipping Manifest (SM) leaving us to wonder, what became of these horses? - also note that  none of the times of day (am or pm) are NOT filled out on any of the documents provided to me.

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DOC 16: 1 of 2 - Shipping Manifest (SM)


UnMarked Wild Horse & Burro Maintenance Record

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