Friday, October 15, 2010

Doc 5: Trailer License 02368R Shipping Manifest w/ Inspection Clearance Certificate - Caliente - Dated 10-08-09 / 38 Horses Shipped

Doc 5, Page 1 of 3 -
NOTICE this shipping manifest is indicates a total of (only) 13 horses being shipped (but see below, doc. 2, which indicates there are a total of 38 actually being shipped NOTE all marked UNBRANDED. Please also note, same as the previous docs, the time is indicated (8:15) but DOES NOT say whether am or pm)

DOC 5 PG 2 OF 3 - Indicating a total of 38 horses to be shipped all marked UNBRANDED - please also note this shipping permit expires at 8PM on 10-08-09 and the HOURS & MILEAGE of the trip are left blank (see Doc 3, which is the reverse of doc 2, showing the stamp received as the truck crossed into California ALTHOUGH the time of arrival is BLANK (same as previous shipping docs)

DOC 5, 3 OF 3

Indicating an arrival at Calif border but NO TIME STAMP

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