Sunday, October 17, 2010

DOC 14; SM w/ BICC (Seaman) Dated 8/21/09 44 UNBRANDED Horses

Doc 14 - 1 of 4

SHIPPING MANIFEST (SM) Although dated 8/21, there is a hand-written notation in the right hand corner indicating that these horses were not entered into the WHB Inspection Station until 8/24 - NOTE Shipping permit (DOC 2 of  4 below)  EXPIRED on 8/21: WERE THESE HORSES SHIPPED W/ EXPIRED PERMITS? 

Doc 14  Pg. 2 of 4: Brand Inspection Clearance Certificate (BICC) for 44 UNBRANDED HEAD - permit issued 8/21/09 and expires 8/21/09 at 6:PM - Hours and mileage left blank.

DOC 14 Pg. 3 0f 4 ; PLEASE NOTE: NOT a typical California Boarder Crossing Stamp.
Dated Only "August 2009" is says "CDFA" and "Benton Inspection Station."  No exact date and no time stamp;

DOC 14 Pg. 4 OF 4 - Same as above but why do we have two stamps for one load of 44 horses passing through....this one also stated only "August 2009" also no specific date and no time stamp;

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