Sunday, October 17, 2010

DOC 18 Trailer Licence (TL) & Shipping Manifest (SM) w/ Unmarked Maintenance Record (Seaman) Dated 8/24/09 2Pgs. 41 Horses

Although index has these (DOC # 18) marked as "Trailer License / Shipping Manifest  (TL, SM) there is NO TL provided, just the SM

(From Egan Field, Seaman)
DOC 18: Again, no evidence as to branded or unbranded, and no TL,...just SM with this NOTED information: NOTED two DEAD in front compartment (15 stallions) and one DOWN in middle section (mares) in trailer

Pg. 1 or 2 SM; CLICK to Enlarge Docs  and CLICK AGAIN to make even LARGER

DOC 18 Pg. 2 of 2
Maintenance Record (Seaman)

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