Friday, October 15, 2010

Doc. 4 Trailer Licence # 02368R Shipping Manifest w/ Brand Inspection Clearance Certificate (Caliente) 3pgs 10-06-09 / 40 Horses Shipped

Doc 4, Pg. 1  of 3 (Copy came folded in left hand corner as shown) Doc dated 10-06-09 - Notice that the "Herd Area: indicated says only "Ely" and indicates a total of 40 horses were shipped - departure time is indicated as 7:38 but does not indicate am or pm.

Doc 4, Pg. 2 of 3 - Notice here it indicates a total of 40 UNBRANDED horses being shipped  - Notice also that the shipping permit expires @ 6:30 PM on 10-06-09  (but see doc # 3 (stamped on the reverse side of this doc (#2) to see the port of entry (to Ca. state line) doc IS NOT time stamped) PLEASE ALSO NOTE that the areas indicating HOURS & MILAGE of trip are left blank

Doc 4, Pg. 3 of 3 - note no time stamp. Was BLM shipping with expired licences? (at night)

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