Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the desk of T. Boone Pickens


We’ve got their attention and things are starting to move.

President Obama made the announcement this morning that he is in favor of drilling for oil off the shores of parts of the Atlantic Coast from Virginia on south, the Gulf coast of Florida, and Alaska. Why? Because the Administration agrees with us that we have to do what we’ve been saying all along: Anything American to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

I want you to be among the first to see the official statement we put out today so you can be up-to-speed:

“President Obama’s plan to promote more offshore drilling for oil and natural gas is an important step in achieving true energy reform. We should be taking full advantage of every available American resource to help decrease our crippling dependency on foreign oil -- a dependency that is slowing our economic recovery and jeopardizing our homeland security.

“Even if the estimates of the reserves are correct, we are 10 years away from being able to use them. It’s imperative that we promote other immediately available domestic alternatives to solve the national security crisis created by foreign oil dependency.

“Transportation has to lead the way -- it accounts for two-thirds of our oil imports. No energy strategy can be effective unless it promotes the use of domestic natural gas as a transportation fuel alternative to foreign oil/diesel, and the focus has to be on America’s eight million heavy duty vehicles. The NAT GAS Act , a bipartisan bill proposed on both sides of Congress, would advance the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel.”

If you agree with me, please forward this to your friends and family. Let’s keep pushing forward.

-- Boone

I think Mr. T Bone is confused or mis-informed. The idea is not to break our dependance on foreign oil, ...but to break our dependence on oil PERIOD. Wish he would stick to his wind-farms, solar power, etc. or just about anything "green,," but NOT OIL

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