Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welfare Ranching Hurts Wildlife (& Wild Horses)

Whether "wild," "feral," or whatever, the "unclaimed" free-roaming horses on our public lands belong there as part of our National Western Heritage, is safe to say that free-roaming horses occupied those lands long before the cows came in "en mass,"....therefore, those horses as described above, many of them descended from the 1st Spanish explorers, ...are entitled to "free-living" on their historic American range lands.
While author of this vid (Mike Hudak) does not specifically refer to equines of any kind in this vid, he does refer to "wildlife AND other "Free-living animals" which would imply anything from a titmouse to a wild, feral, or free-ranging publicly -owned horse.

What I find most ironic about the whole situation is that while the ranchers consider the wild horses a nuisance to them and want them so badly off of our lands,...claiming that they ARE NOT wild but strays abandoned there by, well,....themselves and other ranchers!

Well if that is the case, this is a problem that the ranchers bought upon themselves. There is no doubt that throughout time they have been dumping their unwanted horses on our western ranges, left free to mix with the wild ones that are descendants of the old Spanish line. As we all know, abandoning animals is against the law, and they have been doing it and getting away with it for over a hundred years! So let the ranchers CONTRIBUTE to the cost of wild horse care instead of trying to eliminate them so their cows can have more room.

Wild, free ranging horses are a part of our western heritage that should be protected, belonging to all of U.S. There is absolutely no doubt about that,...even Congress agrees and set it out in the 1971 Free Roam Horses & Burros Act and said it again in 2004 in their Congressional Declaration that Dec. 13 should be celebrated as a "National Day of the Horse." So there you go: It is the privately owned cows declamating our public lands and it is the privately owned cows that should go!

If you agree, sign the "No Cows in Wild Horse Country Please" Petition in the link below;

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