Saturday, May 22, 2010

ACTION ALERT: From the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

They ask wild horse (and burro) advocates to take action (write letters and/or make comments) concerning the BLMs plan to remove another 1,000 wild horses off of their traditional rangelands somewhere in Nevada.

Action Alert:

I encourage all to support this action though I believe the BLM ignores the publics opinion and always follows through with their plans, regardless of what the people want. We should all know by now that the BLM only allows public comments cause the NEPA law requires them to allow it. They hate the fact that the public has a say but they do not have to consider it and dont (have they ever?) Still, to have our opposition "officially" on record is a good thing to have, I guess. Kinda makes 'em look bad, at least in the public eye, for all the good it does. When are we gonna wize up and sue 'em on the right grounds?

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