Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Hearts-Up" Ride-Across-America Riders Reach Nevada

Christian Riders Journey Cross-country for a good cause; Healing Broken Hearts

"..........Yesterday I met a couple that is riding across the US. They left from Point Reyes on March 4, and rode past my house yesterday. Their names are Jeanette
and Richard McGrath. They have a website at
and a
facebook page *Ride Across America*.

The purpose of this email is that Jeanette asked if I knew anyone in the
area -- preferably around Genoa that could keep her 4 horses (actually 3
horses and a mule) for a week while she flies out of Reno to her brothers
wedding. The dates are May 18th through May 24th. I could keep the horses
at my place in Woodfords, but I do not have a trailer to bring them here or
return them.

They will probably reach Genoa by tonight, since they passed into Nevada yesterday --
a major milestone for them."

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