Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sierra Club to Get New Executive Director

Meet Michael Brune

Last month, the Sierra Club announced that Michael Brune will be the next executive director of the organization. He's been the leader of Rainforest Action Network for the past seven years, and you can read about his work there (and a good deal more) on our website; http://connect.sierraclub.org/

Though he won't officially start his new job until sometime next month, Michael's already appeared on CNN's Mad Money to talk about clean energy and the Sierra Club's campaign to stop the Coal Rush. It's an issue he knows well, as his relationship with the Club actually goes back a couple of years to the publication of his book Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal by Sierra Club Books.

You can leave a message for Michael by clicking onto title above to congratuate him on his new position and also at the same time ask him to have a heart for Americas Wild Horses and remind him that CONGRESS said they are an INTEGRAL part of our public land system.


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