Thursday, February 18, 2010

HSUS Defends Itself on WFH&B / BLM Position & Bloggers Suggestion @ the End

Open Letter to Wild Horse Advocates

I know many of you are concerned that HSUS may not be as active in criticizing the BLM re the roundups as you'd like and there has been some confusion as to what we're actually doing at the Fallon facility. I thought I'd send some of you an email trying to explain our position as well as our view of the BLM.

We're trying to 'stay on track' with our complaints and issues since there are so many areas where the BLM is negligible. We are working quietly within BLM and believe this is the best course for doing the best we can for the horses. Since it is a federal issue, our focus has been at the federal level as our complaints at the state level have fallen on deaf ears. Our number one focus: We continue to push for a moratorium on the roundups for adoption and push for the contraception of horses.

The foal's death is a direct result of BLM's negligence and there is no excuse for this kind of activity. They are gathering horses that are not in questionable health. Also, they are gathering horses that they cannot find homes for.

Should they have rounded them up? No. Should they have pressed them so hard almost 50 died? No. But once they decided to capture 2,000, deaths were inevitable .

We are trying to avoid the half truths as that makes ALL of our arguments weak. Rather than look at everything through a sinister lens, we are trying to at least keep the line of communication open. If every decision BLM makes is wrong, everytime , we leave them no reason to listen or change.

There is controversy over the stallion 'found dead' as other information indicates that it was one of the 15 in the hospital and was in terrible shape . They told us they were probably going to make the decision to put him down. He had daily vet care and they were trying to give him a chance but he was getting weaker and weaker. The other 48 were necropsied and were sick animals. They believe, although obviously can't state for sure, that the gather sped up a death that was inevitable . Mostly old pregnant mares who have a high mortality rate on the range.

I'm not being an apologist for BLM. However, when everyone attacks them for everything, some out of their control, we, not the , look silly. There is SO much for which they are responsible that is bad management , we are trying to stick to this and stay on message. The colt. The round up itself with no evidence on starvation, the round up with no place to adopt the horses. These are our strong suit. I don't think chastising them for euthanizing a horse in misery is helpful... Again... If this is the same horse.

Re the Fallon facility: The squeeze chute they have purchased is top of the line from a humane aspect... With padding... And they retrofitted a bottom piece to ensure no ones hoof got caught in it. They would like humane observers. But not people who twist everything into something sinister .

We WANT them to euthanize horses in pain. A representative from HSUS watched a field director leave a horse suffering for two days becasue he was worried about getting thrashed for " killing" a horse.

I hope this helps to explain what our focus is and what/why we're trying this approach. We all have a part to play and hopefully we'll all make a difference.

Beverlee McGrath
Nevada State Director
Humane Society of the United States
Ph: (805) 984-8200
cell: (805) 827-2809
Fax: (805) 984-9686

Confronting Cruelty...........The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal protection organization with 11 million members and constituents. The HSUS protects all animals through legislation, litigation, investigation, education, advocacy and fieldwork.

BLOGGERS NOTE: Might I suggest the HSUS take some of their funds set aside for litigation and initiate a lawsuit against the BLM for their STATUTORY NULLIFICATION / IMPERMISSIBLE / UNCONSTITUTIONAL (MIS)DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY in this VERY IMPORTANT Seperation of Powers case. The BLm is CLEARLY ignoring the provision of the WFHBA of 1971 that statutorily entitles the WFH&Bs to remain on their historic rangelands and be principal users of same. The BLM is also guilty of ignoring the EXEMPTION provision of the Federal Lands Policy and Management Act which EXCLUDES lands previously designated for a certain use from FLMPAs "mandatory multiple use and sustainibility of yield" considerations. THAT is the ONE AND ONLY thing that will STOP the BLM in its tracks and put and END to ALL the round ups, and might even possibly require a RETURN TO FREEDOM for the imprisoned ones.

How easy would this be for them to do? WHAT are they waiting for?
My message to all animal law / WFHB lawyers,...what are YOU waiting for? If any one of you think these arent good and valid and STRONG issues, I would like to why. I wouldnt mind in the least debating it a little more fully with any interested party or parties, sort of like to "flesh out" the meat from the bones on this issue, so to speak. Not ARGUE but DEBATE.

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Anonymous said...

The BEST "humane observers" OF ALL are 24/7 WEBCAMS.!!

Not sure why or what the BLM is hiding when they REFUSE to install 24/7 webcams.

my God at that new fallon facility a webcam could be connected to the back of all computers in all those offices and pointed out the window!! a 10 dollar cheap webcam and the BLM even refuses to do this.
At least the BLM is not paying ranchers to shoot the mustangs and not making them drag tires like the BLM did 30 years ago.
At the rate they are killing and rounding up mustangs they will be extinct in the wild before the BLM stops running mustangs to death.