Sunday, February 1, 2009

Virginia Range Horses under attack again!

Sun Feb 1, 2009 12:52 pm (PST)
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Here's a link to a YouTube video of Tony Lesperance's comments to the
Nevada Legislature where he describes his intentions to remove Virginia
Range horses. He still seems pretty adept at manipulating or perhaps
outright manufacturing information to further his agenda. Plus he is
clearly demonstrating the principle that if you can mismanage a program
to the point that it becomes dysfunctional, then you are free go around
to our elected officials and claim that it doesn't work.

Please read rebuttal of sorts that can be called up by clicking "more
info" in the upper right portion of the web page. It probably wouldn't
hurt to post comments in the "Comments on this Video" box as well as
contacting appropriate officials.

It's one thing to make difficult decisions about the Virginia Range
horses based on facts. It's another thing altogether to engage in spin
and perhaps outright deception and it seems to me that Lesperance is
trying to paint a picture that he's simply out of options and has to
round up and probably sell "problem" horses.

Why would people buy Virginia Range horses if they won't adopt them,
unless they purchase them for resale for export (slaughter) to make a
quick buck.

Click on title above to see video;

Thanks for following the Virginia Range horse issue.


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