Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UK Importing Wild Horse to Naturally Preserve Range Land

Wild horses welcome new addition

A herd of wild horses roaming the Stodmarsh Nature Reserve near Canterbury has seen the first foal of the new year born.

The Konik wild horses were introduced to the popular reserve in a bid to naturally preserve and protect an area rich in wild and plant life.

This project was developed in a partnership between Natural England and the Wildwood Trust.

The baby foal was born a few weeks ago.

The wild horses are part of a bold plan to re-introduce the wild horse to Britain, the horse imported are the closest living relatives of the extinct Tarpan, the wild forest horse which roamed Britain in Neolithic times.

Peter Smith, chief executive of the Wildwood Trust, said: “This is part of the plan for developing conservation grazing systems to restore natural ecological processes to help Britain and in this case Stodmarsh teem with wildlife again."

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