Thursday, February 19, 2009

No More Free Ride to Freedom for Nevadas Wild Horses

A Wild Horse Rescue foundation got its last round of horses delivered this week by the state of Nevada.

Last, because Nevada lawmakers say they can’t afford to ship the horses off anymore.

The Wild Horse Foundation in Robertson County has been getting horses from Nevada for the last ten years, but the 36 they got yesterday will likely be the last round.

The State of Nevada currently rounds up thousands of wild horses and transports them to facilities around the country where they can be housed, some stay right here in Central Texas.

Ray Field owns the Wild Horse Foundation in Robertson County where he cares for and then adopts out wild horses that once lived in areas of the US with a high wild horse population, like Nevada, but state lawmakers are changing a current law that takes them to facilities where they can be properly cared for.

Nevada spent more than 35-million dollars on the program last year, but now lawmakers say they need more than 45-million dollars for it.

Field got 36 new wild horses this week, the last transport funded by Nevada.

Field says Nevada currently has more than 30-thousand wild horses in captivity, but another 30 thousand still freely roam and field says they’re at risk of being killed.

Even though they’re wild, some are ready to be adopted.

Field says, “These horses haven’t been here just a little over 24 hours. And I come out here and start playing with them and working with them and I let them come to me. A horse will let you know which one he wants.”

The future of wild horses in Nevada may be uncertain, but field will keep finding stable homes for them through his foundation.

Right now the adoption fee for the Wild Horse Foundation horses ranges from 125 dollars to 800 dollars.

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