Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gov't Creates "Exclusive" Solar Energy Zones

More privitization of YOUR public lands;


Anonymous said...

Speaking of solar, as it turns out... FINALLY! Some serious steps towards a commercially available solar energy plan. ( Now I know this is but a baby step, but with our government, this might as well be a milestone. Progress, progress.

Mz.Many Names said...

Thanks for the link. I think that is a WONDERFUL idea....why take up all the space and despoil the beauty of our public lands when we can be putting these things on rooftops?

The cabinet is set to approve national master plan 10D for photovoltaic solar power systems on Sunday during its weekly meeting. The national master plan spent much of 2010 making its way through the various planning committees before being unanimously approved by the National Planning and Building Council last month.
The plan lays out the criteria for erecting solar fields and outlines a clear preference for roof-based rather than ground-based ones. The document is a critical one for laying down government policy. All of the ministers had a chance to object to the plan in the earlier stages of deliberation. It does not apply to CSP or solar thermal installations, a different type of solar technology the country is also planning to deploy to meet its goal of 10 percent of electricity produced from renewable sources by 2020. • Ehud Zion Waldoks