Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Friends of Equines to Attend the Horse-Slaughter Summit and Made it Possible so That You Can Too!

FRIENDS OF EQUINES has paid the $500 vig to Sponsor YOUR PLACE at the table for FULL PARTICIPATION in the Pro-Slaughters "Summit of the Horse" - Calling all Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocates to Attend - Register Today Under FRIENDS OF EQUINES for only $100 and HAVE YOUR ANTI-HORSE SLAUGHTER VOICE HEARD!!!!! Price goes up tomorrow so be sure and register today!
Register here under "Sponsoring Org" (Friends of Equines) for $100; http://www.united-horsemen.org/summit-of-the-horse/registration-housing/

Price goes up to $200 tomorrow. Important to REGISTER TODAY!
Tell your friends,....Tell THE MOTHER ORGS! They can get in on the cheap but must register TODAY!!!

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