Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calico "Unlimited Sale" Mares to be Reunited with Their Stallions

Good News, yes of course, that these 95 ex-wild horses were rescued from the BLM, but not exactly a "Return to Freedom," and what of the other 1,827 still standing in holding pens throughout the midwest?


Here is a puzzle I am hoping someone of the wild horse and burro experts might help me to solve....

In this article RTF says that 1,922 horses were gathered from the Calico Complex last year...however, in the documents provided to me thru my FOIA request, the figure was much lower at 640 or something like that. Can anyone explain the discrepencies? If so, I wish you would. I am working on an ans right now to the DOJ about the FOIL Request, so it would really help me to know. What are the correct figures and why dont they jive?


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