Saturday, August 28, 2010

The September Raid: Remembering the Danns 9/22/02

AMERICAN OUTRAGE (The story of the Dann sisters and the US Gov'ts Theft of their Livestock & Tribal Lands )

Three part video - Short Verson 30 min total

PT. 1;

PT. 2;

PT. 3;


Peace Brigade International 1995;

Amnesty International 2002;

The September Raid, 9/22/02;

Sept. 2002: Nevada residents disprove BLMs lie about “over-grazed land.” -

NYT, Feb. 2003;

May, 2003 - What became of the horses? -

Aug. 2003; BLM Appointed Trustee Charged with Animal Cruelty for Neglect of Dann Sister horses;

April 2005, Mary Dann Dies;

Dann Sister pics;

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