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Subject: Fw: PINE NUT HERD HEADS UP NORTHERN NEVADA Fw: Wild horse gather proposed for Fish Springs

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Wild horse gather proposed for Fish Springs

Monday, August 23, 2010

Federal officials plan to round up and remove 67 wild horses living in the Fish Springs and Dayton areas.

The horses are living outside the Pine Nut Herd Management Area, and Bureau of Land Management officials say they are posing a public safety hazard on roads and damaging private property. At least seven wild horses were reported killed in vehicle accidents in February and March of this year, according to the BLM.

“The 67 excess horses residing outside the management area have been a problem for some private land owners, as well as posing a public safety hazard on public roads,” according to the report. “If the 67 wild horses were captured and released back into the management area, they will simply return to their home range off the area.”

The bureau is seeking public comment on the plan to round up most of the horses living in the Pine Nut area, treat the mares with a fertility control drug and release them back into the area.

The Pine Nuts are home to more than 210 horses with a third living outside the management area.

The horses removed will be put up for adoption through the wild horse and burro program or placed in long-term holding pastures, according to the BLM.

A draft environmental impact statement has been conducted on the plan to gather the horses, give 45 mares a two-year fertility control vaccine and then release all the horses back into the area.

According to the bureau, the impact statement affects horses in the Pine Nut, Clan Alpine and Pilot Mountain areas. In all 1,111 horses will be rounded up between the Western Nevada areas.

A total of 224 horses will be removed, 171 of which actually live outside the areas. Most of them congregate along Highway 95 near Walker Lake.

Send comments to ccwhbea_2010@blm.gov
 or mail to Stillwater Field Office Manager Teresa Knutson and Sierra Front Field Manager Linda Kelly, 5665 Morgan Mill Rd., Carson City, NV 89701.

Direct phone inquiries to Steve Kramer, Planning & Environmental Coordinator, (775) 885-6005. Only e-mail comments received through the identified e-mail addresses will be considered. Written comments for either environmental assessment can also be sent via fax to (775) 885-6147.


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