Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ely USFS Ranger District / Plans 2008

Here Pat Irwin, District Manager of the USFS Humboldt-Toiyabe Nat'l Forest, talks about the 1995 rider to the Recission Act that requires the USFS to complete environmental analysis of all grazing areas on all national forest lands. In lieu of the completion of the EA's, he states, "grazing is permitted BUT ONLY UNDER THE PREVIOUS TERMS AND CONDITIONS." Does this mean they cant INCREASE the # of cattle allowed to graze or of the lands available to them? Does this mean that they cannot modify the number of wild horses (and burros) allowed to graze in these areas? What are the implications for our national herds here, grazing on forest service lands?
Also of note is the fact that the EA requirements for grazing lands set out in the 1995 rider to the Recission Act have to this day not fully complied with, as you will see, only two EAs for two USFS areas have been completed so far, and it has been how many years?
Read also of the many plans for silver, gold, oil, gas and "MOLYBDENUM"mining, (whatever the hell that is) all of these things are "allowable" on over half of all USFS lands...

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