Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Minutes & Monies of the Nevada "Commission for the Preservation of Nevadas Wild Horses"

If you read the stated goals of the "Commission," (formed with Leo Heils Will Money) Its main purpose was to "create sanctuaries" for Nevadas wild horses and to "preserve and protect them" and all I wanna know is what did the Commission ever do in furtherance of these goals? Moreover, the few remaining "pennies" they have left of Heils Trust (what was supposed to be a perpetual) trust,.....they plan on giving to the Mustang Prison Training Program, which does NOTHING to keep the wild horses free and "preserved " and/or "protected" upon their lands; See minutes;

If this is not cause to sue these pompous bitches and bastards for breach of trust I dont know what is. Go back to the court of original jurisdiction which is a California Surrogates Court. Follow this link and go to the "Leo Heil Will" page to learn more;

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