Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wild Horse (and Burro) Warriors Take Credit for Rustling Cattle Out of Wild Horse (and Burro) Country

Pictured below, a ripped-off rancher talks to the small town sheriff; "The NERVE of them Wild Horse Advocate / Domestic Terrorist types, coming right in to our own backyards and stealing our cows! By gosh those people are crazy nuts capable of anything. Whats next, a home invasion? What are you gonna do to protect us from that possibility?"

Words has it but authorities wont confirm, that in the area where the rustlers were spotted there was a message drawn in the sand that said,..."Wild Horse Warriors were Here" and "No Cows in Wild Horse Country Please." Isnt it nice of them to be so polite? I wonder what they did with them cows....put them in a farm sanctuary somewhere I suppose, anywhere safe but...out of wild horse country at last. Geeze we hope this dont start a welfare-rancher domestic cattle-rustling trend!

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Monika said...

Cattle boy, welcome to the new world. We are not gonna take it anymore. To see you steal their land, occupy it with no concern but your bank account, and mostly, to cause more havoc with your creatures to the environment than the horses ever could. Get a taste of how it feels to lose something precious... the only difference is you care for the almighty dollar only, we care for our heritage and American LEGACY. "HOME INVASION" ?? Isn't that what is happening to the mustangs right now ???

Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan said it best, "For the times, they are a changin'".We are fed up with the welfare ranchers and their political clout. The wild horse and burro has suffered horribly for way too long. It's gonna end soon, my ponies! Cathy Ritlaw and the rescues of

Cathy Ritlaw said...

It was I , not Ms. Anonymous! Cathy Ritlaw

Andy Whiteman said...

I read somewhere that the county Sheriff is sworn to enforce the constitution and can override the Feds.

The horses were there before us. We killed the buffalo almost to extinction. Why are we killing the horses? The eco system will be ruined.

morgan said...

Thank god there are people out there that still care about those horses. The cattleman should have known it was gona happen sometime!!!!! Thank you WILD HORSE & BURRO WARRIORS If i could i would have been right there lending a hand!!!!!!